Livermore High School’s womens varsity golf team of 2021-2022

The Livermore High girls varsity golf team is a small and outgoing team here at LHS. Keith Switzer  (Algebra teacher) is the coach of both the men and womens teams here on campus. Switzer said,  “I enjoy coaching for two reasons. One, I enjoy making people better at something…..the same reason I’m a teacher. The second reason is I enjoy the relationships that I make with the players and seeing the camaraderie that my players make with each other.” 


The LHS golf team practices at two different locations, Poppy Ridge Golf Course and the Wente Golf Course. Practices vary depending on the availability of the golf course per requested. The team practices any day between Monday and Thursday. Switzer states “They enjoy each other and strive to have fun.” 


Long time golf player, Alexa Hart (11) states her feelings towards the little attention the golf team receives.  “I think the reason the golf team does not get that much attention is just because there aren’t that many people our age that play it. It IS a sport, but it is not very interesting to watch and requires a lot more skill than physical effort. Many people think it’s boring and are not willing to even try it.” Alexa Hart has been playing golf ever since she was little and wanted to improve her skills in the sport. 


The LHS golf team’s schedule can be found on the Livermore school website in the athletic department. ( )