What LHS Thinks About COVID at School


COVID has been tough on everyone, including students and teachers. So some teachers and students were interviewed about their thoughts on COVID, the mask mandate, the vaccines, online learning, and more.


Their general thoughts were that all of these rules were very necessary. Samuel Milochik said that COVID is still spreading with enforced rules and that places without them have more deaths due to COVID. Another said that a lot of younger kids are dying from COVID and that it really upsets them.


Robert Carpenter, the ceramics teacher, said that he thinks that during the fall and winter, cases will probably rise and that if people socialize inside more, another spike in cases might happen. He also said that he thinks that social media and inaccurate news articles help spread misinformation, which leads to people believing certain things that might not be true. He also said that he thinks that a lot of people just read the headline of an article and don’t read further, which doesn’t help. 


Amara Ramirez said that she thinks some people will sometimes catch COVID, but are asymptomatic or don’t have as many symptoms as some and then say that it’s not that bad or that they don’t believe it’s a big deal, when it’s possible it could just be them that experiences COVID that way.


Some said that they’re effective, but need to be enforced more. A few said that they only work when everyone wears them. One said that they’re not happy with the fact that a lot of teachers don’t say much when kids aren’t wearing their mask or wearing them correctly.


Some said that they thought that wearing masks outside was fine and one said that people without masks in public indoor areas makes him uncomfortable. Someone expressed his concern that some people don’t know how or why masks work. A teacher said that he thinks that masks only work when everyone is wearing one, but that it’s impossible to watch everyone all the time. Another said, “It’s not that hard. It’s, like, not an inconvenience for most people. It’s just like the respectful thing to do” when asked about his thoughts on the mask mandate at school.


They generally agreed that they think getting vaccinated is a good idea. One said that he thinks it should be recommended, but not forced on people. Another said that she thinks getting vaccinated is a good idea unless you’re unable and that if you are able, you should get vaccinated for those who can’t.


A student said that they think that people with other health complications are more vulnerable to getting COVID. They said that at some point in time, she didn’t want to get vaccinated, but has since changed their mind. John Batcheller, a history teacher, said he wishes that people would get vaccinated sooner.


Some said that hybrid learning last year was difficult and unfair for everyone, though one said  that it seemed safe at the time. It seems that they generally didn’t really like online learning and one said he wasn’t getting good feedback from the students.


One teacher said that he could feel the tension on the first day back in class, saying, “Definitely the first day of school there was…a tension…of ‘this feels weird, this doesn’t feel right.’” A student said that when it came to online learning, it was a lot easier to cheat online. Someone else said that last year she had okay grades before distance learning, but when the pandemic happened, it became Fs and Ds and her highest grade was a B. She said they had no motivation to get her work done last year. Someone expressed his concern that the school could possibly shut down again if cases increase.


One person that was interviewed said that he thinks that the CDC isn’t very well funded anymore, which doesn’t help too much. He also said that in situations like this, people who know about science relating to COVID and can communicate that information well with the public in a way they understand are very important.