Possible Upcoming Concerts at LHS


With less restrictions being held for Livermore, California, there are many possibilities that there will  be concerts or other public performances. For instance, musicals, concerts, and movies. 

As  high school students, many of us were looking forward to going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and even performing. Now that there’s less restrictions, those things are now actually possible!

After speaking with a few students and teachers, they talk about looking forward to being in concerts. The Choir teacher, Mr. Filic, said that he is looking forward to “having concerts at all.” “It’ll be really fun just to have everyone singing in the same room all at the same time.” Filic said. He believes that students are looking forward to the opportunity of “making music in the moment.”

Mr. Enright, head of the music programs, stated that students should be looking forward to “playing for a live audience for the first time,”. The audience should be looking forward to “excellence,”, Enright stated, and “a refresh without expectations.” Filic stated. The audience could also be expecting good tone quality, good playing.

Enright’s big ideas for the music groups (Orchestra and Band) are going to festivals, playing awesome music, getting better and better at playing. Filic’s ideas are singing around town during the holidays, singing during the Nutcracker at Bankhead, and more off – campus events.

The music students themselves are looking forward to concerts, applause, “seeing their families in the audience,” Kai Averill, a freshman, stated. They are also looking forward to “good music, having fun making music.” As stated by a freshman, Joseph Sain.