Bad Air Quality in Livermore results in cancelled plans , rescheduled sports events.


The recent fires have caused terrible air quality in Livermore, California. Lately Livermore has struggled with multiple fires within short periods of each other, and sometimes they even happen at the same time.

Sports are greatly affected by air pollution because after the quality reaches 100 or more, sports coaches have to make the big call to cancel games or practices.  

On August 30th football games were canceled and rescheduled to protect the health of their players from the smoke. The JV game was cancelled altogether but the Varsity one was rescheduled for 10:00 am the next day. 

 Due to all these fires the air quality has been awful for most people. The multiple effects it has had in school lives and personal ones haven’t been very positive. 

The many things the air has disrupted have been health, extra curricular activities, and weekend plans. 

A good way to find the town’s air quality is to check the standard  weather app found on most phones which also warns people about whether or not the air is unsafe for  everyone or just more sensitive groups like people with asthma or heart problems. 

The first person I spoke with was Kaitlyn Harrison, a freshman at LHS. She said, ¨I was supposed to go to the movies but the air was so bad that we didn’t go out at all.¨ 

So does this mean the air is making people avoid things they enjoy? The answer is yes multiple people have said they avoided doing things to stay out of the disgusting air. 

Jane Prusso, another freshman, stated that she hadn’t been walking as much because it had been so gross outside. ¨It was just a lot of work,¨ was her response. 

Jane also discussed that a few of her water polo games and practices were canceled because of the unhealthy air. 

Just about everyone in Livermore would agree the bad air quality is annoying and that they try to ignore it and be productive but it can be difficult when it can cause asthma, allergy symptoms, sore throats, and heart issues.