Wellness Center’s first year in in-person learning

New wellness efforts ahead

The Wellness Center, in room 105, has expanded its services now that school is fully in-person. The Wellness Center Culture Keepers will be doing classroom presentations, “especially in FIT and Health” to make Freshmen aware of the services provided. There are also daily wellness-related activities at lunch, inspired by the following categories: Mindful Monday, Gratitude Tuesdays, Wellness Wednesdays, Therapeutic Thursdays, and Fun Fridays. 

The Wellness Center was started by Mr. Radecke, campus Social and Emotional Learning Counselor. In his own words, the wellness center is “a safe place on campus for students to come and get access to some resources about mental health and wellness.”

Through the Wellness Center, students can also meet one on one with a counselor. Those struggling with “a mental health challenge, stress, anxiety [or] depression” can check in and get support. 

Mr. Radecke said they “saw that there were many students coming in that needed social [and] emotional support and we wanted to be able to build our capacity to meet that need. And [that was] before Covid. Things have heightened since then.”

To get inspiration, they toured similar projects. 

Students have also been involved in the process. Mr. Radecke said that culture keepers (student volunteers) “help bring different programs and ideas to the school,” help manage the Wellness Center social media, and help with the physical space. Culture keepers are trained in teen mental health first aid and peer mediation so they can provide support to a certain extent.

Their social media presence is still being refined. “Do we just do instagram? Do we do a Facebook? Do we do Tiktok?” Students can provide feedback through forms posted via QR codes around campus. For now, their social media is localized–intended for the LHS community. Culture keepers write and submit the content but everything is vetted by Mr. Radecke. As of right now, they are on Instagram @lhswc_ and have a website

Students interested in getting involved themselves can speak to Mr. Radecke or apply through the form.  

The Wellness Center also does chalk campaigns on campus related to Mental Health.

There are also school psychologists on campus who work with special ed students. The Wellness Center’s services are still available to those in special ed. 

Mr. Radecke wants people to know they can “just come by.” “The biggest thing we want to do is have students know that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes and that it’s okay to talk about mental health. That’s one of our biggest goals here–to reduce stigma, so students feel like they can come and talk about how they’re doing.”