LHS Tennis swings back in for a new season


Nora Hart and Danielle Duperly are the coaches of the Girls Tennis Team. For any of you who are wondering, Boys Tennis will be played in the Spring. The Girls Tennis Team played two games, which they unfortunately lost. Their third match on September 9th was cancelled due to bad air quality.

The players are a huge part of any team. On this team there are 4 Seniors, 1 Junior, 4 Sophomores, and 3 Freshmen. Like volleyball, the Freshmen do not play the first couple games. The Freshmen observe how to play in a game. That way when they start playing they know how the coaches work and know how to make sure they are the best players they can be.

Here is a little bit about how the actual game of Tennis works: There are two sets and in one set there are six games. Whoever wins the majority of the six games are the winners of the set. How many points need to be scored in order to win? 50 points. The games start off with zero points for each side (which is also referred to as love). When the first “point” is scored, it counts as 15 points. Then the next “point” would be 30 points. Then after that 40 then 50. So the first two points are 15 points then the last three are 10 points.

If you are interested in supporting the Girls Tennis Team, you can always go and cheer them in at their games! Here are a few of their upcoming ones:

  • September 9th against Dougherty Valley
  • September 16th at Monte Vista
  • September 21st at Cal
  • September 23rd against Carondelet