Students On Why They Are Getting The Vaccines


The Covid-19 vaccine has been out since last December and is now available to people under the age of 18. In response, several Livermore and Granada High School students were interviewed on why they chose to get vaccinated.

Veronica Fenner (9) said,“I got the vaccine because I want to protect myself and the people around me to help slow the spread of COVID-19. I got the Pfizer vaccine, and getting the vaccine didn’t hurt at all. The only thing I felt was my arm being super sore for a day. After my first shot, I had to wait 2 weeks until I got my other shot.”

She continued “I think it’s important for everyone to get the vaccine so that we can eradicate COVID-19. People with healthy immune systems should do their part and get vaccinated so that immunocompromised individuals are not at risk.”

“I got the vaccine because I believe it is the safest and only way to not only ever get Covid but also to have a defense against any mutated form of Covid.” said Olivia Rowland (9). “I had a really bad stomach ache in the first few hours that I got the vaccine and then the next day I felt like I had a cold. I got Pfizer and I only got my first one but I get my second one on June 10th.”

She continued “I believe everyone should get the vaccine because not only is it the most effective way to not get Covid, but if everyone gets the vaccine no one would be affected by carriers of the virus. It is also ignorant to not get it based on political beliefs only because safety and consideration should come first regardless of opinions”

Marina Rivera (9) said “I got the vaccine to protect my family and friends and the people around me. I believe people should do what they want but everyone should get the shot because in some places if you want to travel you are going to most likely need the vaccine to travel.”

Students share similar views on the importance of being vaccinated. With more people choosing to get the vaccine, life is slowly returning to normal.