Senior Survey ’21

June 10, 2021

As the school year comes to an end, the senior class is asked to complete a short survey on their school memories and experiences. This year, the class of 2021 had their turn and were able to share theirs.


Jude Abughalia

  1. “Attend Las Positas.”
  2. “Winning 27-0 for the last football game against Granada.”
  3. “Coming to America and having the privilege of meeting so many wonderful and kind new people of a different background, culture, and lifestyle!”
  4. “My father. I have never seen someone work as hard as him and sacrifice so much for their kids and their loved ones. He taught me the importance of perseverance, hard work, and most importantly unconditional love. He engraved in me the belief that nothing is impossible and I will always cherish that.” 


    Pierce Adams

  1. “Los Positas, and working so I can go to college.”
  2. “Not showing up to school, and not dating Freshman.”
  3. “Being able to be in the art room almost every trimester.”
  4. “Mrs. Borst. She is so down to earth that she was able to keep me calm.”


    Katherine Amezcua

  1. “To attend a college or a university.”
  2. “I think our class will be remembered for being the senior class that started in a pandemic and is ending in a pandemic.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience was having the chance to experience all kinds of new subjects and emotions. I met new people and had a chance to live it the best I could.”
  4. “The teacher that had the biggest impact in my life was Mrs. Silicani. She was understanding and super sweet and kind to me while I was going through a difficult time. She also is an amazing teacher and knows how to teach a subject without much confusion.”


     Sarah Ansell

  1. “I will be majoring in Political Science and minoring in Environmental Science at UC Berkeley.”
  2. “Definitely COVID, but hopefully we will be remembered for our spirit and energy too.” 
  3. “There are so many! I am so thankful for every moment I’ve had here, and I wouldn’t take any of it back for the world.”
  4. “Mr. Castro and Mrs. Reisdorf, because they helped me become a leader, and to find confidence and strength in who I am!”


       Kulika Baruz

  1. “College.”
  2. “The Books.”
  3. “Covid.”
  4. “None.”

  Ysabella Benitez

  1. “To attend the University of Oregon as a neuroscience pre-med major to get my two doctorates.”
  2. “Being loud.”
  3. “Counting the dots on the ceiling in the 300’s hallway.”
  4. “Peters and Wade taught me how to make waffles.”


     Jared Bielski

  1. “To go to UNR in Nevada, where I plan to major in jazz performance.”
  2. “Having the worst luck.”
  3. “Definitely all of the band competitions and band in general.”
  4. “Probaby Mr. Enright, as he got me to play my main instrument and introduced me to people that I still work with to this day.”


     Shelby Bowman

  1. “Probably to go to community college and transfer or take a year off.”
  2. “Having most of our senior year in quarantine 😂.”
  3. “Just hanging out with my friends.”
  4. “Mrs. Siliconi has really taught me the most and I appreciate everything she has done. Honestly one of the best English teachers I ever had. Super sweet and kind. She just teaches in the best way and is calm about everything.”


     Kassidy Brackett 

  1. “Going to a 4-year university.”
  2. “Not having a senior year.”
  3. “Graduating.”
  4. “Mrs. Tucker for my ROP. She has taught me so many valuable lessons about medical fields.”


Kimberlee Britton

  1. “Go to Oregon Institute of Technology.”
  2. “Obnoxiously quoting vines and Tik-Toks.”
  3. “Making friends in GEA courses and spending time with those I care about.”
  4. “Mr. Schmokel for making history more exciting to learn about.”


Nicole Buskard 

  1. “McGill University – Civil Engineering.”
  2. “We will be remembered for doing our senior year online.”
  3. “Pep Band.”
  4. “Mrs. Malloy. She encouraged us and would help us with anything. She made learning fun and took our opinions into account.”


Colby Cariel

  1. “Distance myself from all of my classmates and hope I never hear their names spoken ever again.”
  2. Getting screwed over by Covid-19.”
  3. “I got a real girlfriend, UwU.”


Adam Caley

  1. “Las Positas to get my GE and AAT in Music, then transfer out of state.”
  2. “Our resilience”
  3. “All of first tri. Football plus Band competitions were always a good time.”
  4. “Mr. Enright has never stopped believing in me and his students. He continues to push us to be better people. He is one of my role models.”


Anna Casey

  1. “Marine Bio major at Northeastern”
  2. “Online learning.”
  3. “Having fun and supporting my friends at football games.”
  4. “Mrs. Burgin because she helped me remember why I loved biology and human anatomy.”


Rebecca Clampitt

  1. “I plan to attend Fresno Pacific University followed by a career in Social Work.”
  2. “I believe our class will be remembered for perseverance through this difficult year.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience was being able to create new memories with the friends I love the most. Even friends that’ve moved on, still had a huge impact in my life.”
  4. “Mrs. Pavon is the teacher that has had the biggest impact in my life. While taking two different classes she taught as a junior and senior I was really able to learn things from her further than the course curriculum explained. I think she really helped me work on myself without even realizing it. And for that, I’m extremely grateful.”


Kinsey Claudino

  1. “I’m attending San Diego State in the fall. Right now I’m entering undeclared, but I’m hoping to continue making music somehow.”
  2. “I think we’ll be remembered for persevering through a tough time, and managing to look on the bright side, despite the obstacles we’ve faced.”
  3. “I really enjoyed all the memories I made in band. Going to competitions and hearing good music while having fun with my friends really made high school amazing.”
  4. “Mr. Enright has helped me improve as a musician a lot, as well as teaching me some life lessons along the way.”

Evan Collette

  1. “Go to College.”
  2. “The pandemic…”
  3. “Probably going to a robotics competition and doing decent.”
  4. “Karen Fletcher (Mrs. Fletcher) probably had the most impact; she showed me the robotics club and helped me throughout my high school career immensely. Mr. Woodworth was also very impactful for similar reasons.”


Jonathan Crago

  1. “I plan to go to California Baptist University in Riverside and probably get a degree in civil engineering, but I’m still figuring out what I want to pursue.”
  2. “I think this class will definitely be remembered for the fact that we had to go through almost our entire senior year in distance learning.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience was my time doing cross country. I loved feeling like I was just flying along during practice and meets. I also loved experiencing the euphoria I got after a challenging run.”
  4. “Mr. Brandle, my 3rd grade and part 4th grade teacher, had the biggest impact because he set me on the path to really enjoy learning and striving to do well. Also, he made me feel like he always had my back and recognized when I contributed and helped me out when I struggled. He was always positive, but realistic. All that helped build my confidence and made me a more positive and focused person.”


Eden Crowhurst

  1. “I plan on going to community college for two years and then transferring.”
  2. “Always winning in powderpuff and being crazy spirited. Also Aaron Gilbert O’Neil.”
  3. “My highlight high school experience was the rallies. Particularly the Greek Week ones.”
  4. “Mr. Castro and Mrs. Reisdorf. They are the best leadership teachers and are always there for us, even when we have no idea what we are doing and our events fail.”


Giulia Cuppoletti

  1. “I am going to Penn State for four years and then plan to go to a graduate school to get my master’s and Ph.D. in engineering.”
  2. “The obvious answer is that our class finished high school during Covid, but what I hope people think of is how hard we worked to keep the cowboy spirit alive, whether miles apart at home or six feet away in person.”
  3. “Overall, the highlight of my high school experience was being able to participate in the wonderful extracurriculars offered here at LHS. I met so many amazing people and had an overwhelming amount of fun.”
  4. “I would say that the instrumental music director, Mr. Enright, had the most impact in my life. Over four long years of participating in multiple bands and countless hours of rehearsing, I’ve gained a lot of insight and motivation. As a freshman, having to perform with seniors, there was a lot of pressure to just stay out of the way and not mess up. When Mr. Enright put his faith in me, I felt supported and I did better in the class. I proved to him and to myself that anyone can succeed if they believe in themselves and focus their effort into their goals.”


Katherine Desper-Broxterman

  1. “Go to LPC to get my general Ed and then transfer out.”
  2. “COVID 19 and the vibes.”
  3. “When the seniors a few years ago had the little end-of-year “celebration” and people were called to the office for throwing a water bottle around was super funny.”
  4. “Ms. Greer because she made me realize I wanted to be a history teacher and she is just the best.”


Sydney Devros 

  1. “To go to community college and then transfer into a 4 year to get a degree in psychology. I want to be an LMFT.”
  2. “Our perseverance. We lost the end of our junior year, and our entire senior year, yet we still managed to cheer and show school pride in the ways we were able to. We took what we were given and we stayed strong through something nobody could have predicted.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience has been being a part of the band program. Whether it was Friday night pep band or early Saturday mornings on our way to some far away band review, all of my best memories were made with the band.”
  4. “Mrs. Matthews was the most impactful teacher I had the privilege to have at LHS. Taking APUSH with her made me realize my potential as a student. Her classes were so engaging and helped me find a love for subjects I was never interested in. AP Psychology helped me realize what I wanted to do after high school- study to become a therapist. Mrs. Matthews makes it personal with all her students and really fosters an environment of growth and comfort in her classes.”


Luke Ellsworth

  1. “Los Positas Community College.”
  2. “Start and end of online school.”
  3. “Going to football games.”
  4. “Mrs. Greer helped me enjoy History.”


Michaela Esposito

  1. “I plan on attending UCLA as a pre-history major. “
  2. “I think the Class of 2021 will be remembered for our resilience. We lost our entire senior year to COVID, yet we’ve been trying our best to maintain hope and spirit throughout it all. I know so many seniors who are extremely sad about missing out on their final senior year activities, but they’re working so hard to keep planning events to give the rest of our class at least something to look forward to.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience was joining Leadership. Without that class, I would not have gained the tools and knowledge I have now to make my way in the world. I’ve met some of the greatest people (and one of my best friends) in that class, and it’s really molded me into the person I am today. Senior year, despite all its negatives, was really transformative too, as I found an amazing friend group and really discovered my closest and best friends.”
  4. “Mr. Cabasino has had a profound impact on me. He has been the greatest teacher I have ever learned from during my high school experience, and I have enjoyed his classes so much. His teaching opened my mind to all different genres of literature, and his class challenged me to excel and thrive. Mr. Christopher, Mr. Castro, and Mrs. Reisdorf have all contributed to shaping me into the leader I am now. Without their help and mentorship, I would not have the courage or strength to pursue the dreams I have in life.”


Haleigh Fernandes

  1. “After high school, I plan to attend Southern Oregon University to study elementary education and Spanish! I hope to be teaching in my own classroom one day.”
  2. “I think that our class will be remembered for our resilience.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience was definitely our music/theatre department. In high school, I participated in all choirs, musicals, and our color guard program. These groups are how I met so many wonderful people and created lifelong memories. In each group I took part in it didn’t feel like a class or a sport it truly felt like family. I don’t know what I would have done without it.”
  4. “The teacher that had the biggest impact on my life was definitely our choir director Mr. Filice. In my freshman year I decided on a whim to take choir to try to learn to sing better. I was a very reserved and shy person at the time. However, through his class he taught me how to have confidence in myself as a person and a musician. Throughout the four years I’ve had his class we’ve learned so much about having an open mind and heart and that has really shaped me as a person. Regardless of how many times I thought I might fail at something, Mr. Filice never gave up on me. He is always there to cheer us on in whatever we are doing in life. Now I’d say that I am a very confident person and I truly am myself. I can’t thank him enough for the part he played in helping me find a true passion for music.”

Jasmeen Gill

  1. “Go to college.”
  2. “For pandemic.”
  3. “The teacher support.”
  4. “Miss Cox, Miss Carmen. Because they both helped me so much.”


Cate Goldsberry

  1. “Attending Las Positas College for two years, and then transferring to a four-year”
  2. “Having to stay at home”
  3. “I think the highlight(s) of my high school experience was the trips and performances I had in choir. I had the opportunity to sing for people at school, but also leave campus and sing at other venues, and that was so fun and is something I am going to miss.”
  4. “Out of all my teachers I had several that I really loved, those being Mr. Moser (photography), Mr. Filice (choir), Mr. Oftedal (physics), and Mrs. Rosenstein (world history). Each of these teachers loved teaching, and it showed through their entertaining and engaging lessons. Each of them was sure to pay attention and check in on every student, and they really made my time in their classes so much better. I could leave the class feeling satisfied and like I had learned a lot.”


Sandra Gonzalez

  1. “Go into beauty school.”
  2. “Funny person.”
  3. “Idk.”
  4. “Mrs.Wright: she really open my eyes in life and a lot more and other teachers and principles.”


Adelynn Graycar

  1. “Going to Las Positas to obtain my AA degree in Fire Science, then to obtain my EMT certification, and then transfer to a college in TN to get my BA degree in Emergency Management, after that go to paramedic school, then finally firefighting academy.”
  2. “I think our class was super chaotic the first two years of high school then once we became upperclassmen we all got it together, and we got the lowest end of the bargain for our senior year too. I think we are known as the class who has been through it all, more than any other class. Class of 2020 had it rough I have to admit, but at least they got to enjoy the first half of their senior year.“
  3. “Meeting new people, finding my purpose, and finding my voice. I have had the same best friends all through high school and I couldn’t be happier with the friends that I have.”
  4. “Mr. Buchenauer. He has been the only teacher to listen and actually give me good advice. He is super funny and nerdy like I am and we get along great. He helped me when I was his student and when I wasn’t as well. He is a very great teacher and mentor.”


Aldo Gudino

  1. “Four year or workforce.”
  2. “For the class that COVID snatched away.”
  3. “My highlight was finally making and playing for varsity soccer.”
  4. “To be honest the majority of my teachers helped me out to push through. There were lots of times I was going to give up but they helped me keep going.”


Noah Hamilton

  1. “Majoring in environmental science and policy at Southern Oregon and EMT while in school. Hopefully, I’ll become a meteorologist at some point in my future.”
  2. “The class that had the worst senior year due to the pandemic.”
  3. “Playing in pep band and hearing the crowd cheer for us.”
  4. “Ms. Greer, Mr. Enright, and Ms. Sarrille because they all genuinely care for their students. All three of them were more than accepting of me and always made sure I was doing ok.”


Bobby Hamm

  1. “Las Positas for 2 years, then a transfer to a 4-year.”
  2. “Being the senior class of COVID-19.”
  3. “Jazz comp. season and junior year.”
  4. “I really couldn’t say, multiple teachers have made significant impacts in my life.”


Seamus Hanley

  1. “Four-year college.”
  2. “COVID.”
  3. “Going to Universal Studios for band during freshman year.”
  4. “Mr. Enright because aside from being a good music teacher he is also very fun to talk to and very inspirational.”


Grady Harris

  1. “Work full time to save money for school in the future.”
  2. “Definitely the unlucky ones.”
  3. “The people that I met.”
  4. “Ms. Rosenstein, because she was fun to talk to and just an all-around great teacher.”


Cameron Ho

  1. “Attending Arizona State University, majoring in Business Management.”
  2. “Being very competitive at rallies, and having our entire school year virtual due to the pandemic.”
  3. “Football games and rallies.”
  4. “Mrs. Brahmst because she was more than a teacher, she was a friend. Although she’s not here anymore, she made a great, positive impact on my life.”


Roxana Ibarraza

  1. “Continue with my education and grow as a person.”
  2. “For a bad experience of being a senior during a pandemic.”
  3. “Nothing, because nothing really happened.”
  4. “Mr. Loth because he always pushed me to do my work and helps me to prepare myself for the afterlife.”


Chandramouli Lyer

  1. “Attend college.”
  2. “For attending the last year of their school years with almost no fun whatsoever.”
  3. “Doing homework.”
  4. “Ms. Greer, because of the way she taught, and because she taught the way that the US Government works.”


Riley Johanson

  1. “I’m taking a gap year. I’m planning to travel and work during that time!”
  2. “Our class will be remembered for fighting our way through our senior year and an international health emergency.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience was meeting my friends, Lily and Michaela, and having my best friend, Emma, by my side as we braved all the challenges that accompany the high school experience.”
  4. “Ms. Sarraille had a big impact on my life. She is a huge role model for me! Mr. Syth, Mr. Carpenter, and Mr. Cabasino definitely deserve a mention, too. They were all very supportive of their students and were all incredible teachers.”


Jeremiah Jones 

  1. “College and work.”
  2. “Probably not having the best senior year.” 
  3. “Making new friends and sophomore Homecoming.”
  4. “Mr. Moser, because he was always there for and always helped if I ever had any questions.”


Shawn Khatri

  1. “I plan on attending Las Positas College then transferring to a UC.”
  2. “We’ll be remembered for having our senior year robbed from us.”
  3. “Pep Band at the football games.”
  4. “Easily Mr. Enright, he taught me how to be a better sax player and a better person.”


Jordan Lamendola

  1. “I have no clue really. Probably Community college and probably should get a job.”
  2. “Our class will be remembered for persevering through everything and still being able to come out strong.”
  3. “Getting into art and finding something I like to do.”
  4. “Carpenter. He made me like and enjoy school. He made art fun, interesting, and his class was easy and simple, or challenging and fun depending on how you wanted to work. He is kind of my favorite teacher due to the fact that he isn’t a teacher, he’s basically a student and makes school entertaining.”


Tanner Lewis

  1. “Junior College.”
  2. “Being able to push through.”
  3. “Being able to play sports through school and make new friends along the way.”
  4. “My parents, because they always made sure I was being the best person I could be.”


Olivia Lopez

  1. “Who Knows?
  2. “For being  a good senior class.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience Is being in leadership.”
  4. “The biggest impact in my life was having teachers who make me laugh.”


Austin Lopez

  1. “Joining the police as a sheriff officer.”
  2. “The most talented, outrageous students of class 2021 and won against Granada after 4 years.”
  3. “My highlight was being a hardworking student and being very quiet in class.”
  4. “Mrs. Weise and Mrs. Wakefield, they both are my biggest stars, always helped me whenever I’m falling behind in class or when I need help on assignments.”


Nirmala Mahey

  1. “Going to Las Positas.”
  2. “Nothing.”
  3. “I don’t know because I missed half of my Junior year and my whole Senior year so I really don’t have one.”
  4. “Mr. Vierra because he was a supportive teacher to me.”


Alexis Martinez Vivas

  1. “Go to college.”
  2. “Anti-social.”
  3. “Learning online.”
  4. “Mr. Schmokel, he had entertaining ways to get extra credit for tests.”


Brandon Mason

  1. “College.”
  2. “COVID.”
  3. “Friends.”
  4. “I had many mentors.”


Crayton McCafferty

  1. “Las Positas or MJC.”
  2. “That the Corona Virus destroyed our Junior and Senior years.”
  3. “I think the highlight of my high school experience  was just always being involved in FFA because we went on so many field trips that were always a blast and you would get to meet so many amazing people.”
  4. “My Ag teachers have helped me accomplish so many big things throughout my high school career. They took me on so many field trips that helped me develop my personal growth in leadership and gain many skills that I will be able to use in my future life. They are always willing to help you with anything even if it’s at 10 pm at night with a sick animal. I have learned so much through their years teaching me and I wouldn’t be the person I am without them.”

Melissa McCloud

  1. “Going to Las Positas College.”
  2. “For being quarantined, but the most determined to have a great senior year. We didn’t want to end our high school journeys at home, we wanted to end them with a bang.
  3. All the music program events and competitions. Especially the pep band at football games.”
  4. “The biggest impact I have had is definitely from 3 of the greatest teachers and mentors, Mr. Enright, Mr. Filice, and Ms. Hovey. I want to thank them all  for the given opportunities in the music program and the life advice and inspiration that I hope will take me farther in life.”


Athena McPeake

  1. “Going to GCU to major in theatre and minor in pre-law.”
  2. “I think for the energy we had at every single game and rally.”
  3. “I think the football games. It was so much fun going to hang out with friends, screaming when the team scored, and just existing with other people.”
  4. “I think Carol Hovey. As someone heavily involved in theatre she expanded my feelings for the art so much. She’s very insightful and kind, and also very funny. During rehearsals, I always felt comfortable asking her questions and being myself with my fellow castmates. She created a community that allowed me to discover more about myself.”


Jaxson Mosby

  1. “Go to a four-year college.”
  2. “For not having a senior year.”
  3. “Being able to play football.”
  4. “Coach Wade. During Covid, he fought super hard every day to get us a senior season and he was successful.”


Benjamin Nelson

  1. “BYU Idaho.”
  2. “Sophomore year, I was at least passable in grades and I had friends. I knew what was going on and I felt like I was important.”
  3. “Covid-19.”
  4. “Justin Enright,  Band and Orchestra director. He was a great role model for me and taught me a lot of things even besides musical skills. I really appreciated when he was able to talk to the students like peers, but also with an aura that told you that he cares about the class. A lot of teachers don’t have that, It’s important to me that I knew he cared. He was fun, respectful, passionate, and a good friend to me. I respect him a lot.”


Rylee Ness-Canfield

  1. “I will be going to MJC to study to become a large animal vet.”
  2. “I think our class will be remembered for COVID.”
  3. “My highlight of my high school experience would be raising and showing livestock through our wonderful FFA program and lastly being able to be a part of LHS wonderful ceramics program.”
  4. “I have 4 teachers who had the biggest impact on my life while attending LHS. Those teachers would be Mrs. Weise, Mr. Carpenter, Mrs. Porter, and Ms. Oliva. They all have taught me how to be responsible and how to look at life in a more positive way and to have more fun than to go through life in a serious way all the time. Lastly, I most likely would not be the person I am today without them.”


Mark Nishikubo

  1. “My plan after graduation is to go to a four-year college.”
  2. “I think our class will be remembered for our football team in freshman year as well as having our entire Senior year of high school at home during the pandemic.”
  3. “I think our class will be remembered for our football team in freshman year as well as having our entire Senior year of high school at home during the pandemic.”
  4. “Miss Carmen and Miss Cox  because she’s They helped in the classes that were difficult for me and they supported me physically and emotionally during these four years.”


Miriam Pena 

  1. “To go Las Positas college.”
  2. “The pandemic.”
  3. “The teacher support and makes friends and learn English and creates new adventures in school with friends.”
  4. “The teacher supports and makes friends and learns English and creates new adventures in school with friends :)”

America Peralta

  1. “Las Positas then transfer to a law school.”
  2. “I think our class will be known as the “COVID class. We didn’t get much of a senior year but we still made some good memories with what we did get.”
  3. “Probably meeting my best friends and getting to cheer and perform in the orchestra!”
  4. “Mr. Enright, he is like a dad figure to me and he’s been there through my ups and downs and he’s just overall an inspiring teacher! I will always cherish his music class.”


Dylan Prusso

  1. “Enlist in the United States Air Force.”
  2. “Distance learning.”
  3. “Playing sports.”
  4. “I would have to say Mr Syth because of all the track practices we spent talking about what the next step after high school would be or experiences he went through after high school and advice he would give about anything I asked.”


Daniel Rochin

  1. “Spearfishing in Indonesia.”
  2. “Crippling nicotine addictions.”
  3. “When I got waterboarded at school (consensually).”
  4. “Mr. Eelsing. He lets my friends and I hang out in his room and has been one of my teachers every year of high school. He taught me a lot, both in school subjects and about life and was always helpful in times of need.” 


Emely Rosales 

  1. “Go to community college.”
  2. “Spend a whole year in online class.”
  3. “All the new people I got to know there and the amazing friends I got.”
  4. “Ms. Carmen and Ms. Quezada they both are always willing to help people in my position.” 


Jose Rosas Valdez

  1. “Go to SFSU.”
  2. “Working hard through Covid.”
  3. “Really solid, made a lot of new friends and having good memories.” 
  4. “Schmokel because of the way that he teaches students and makes class fun for everyone.”


Angelina Savoy

  1. “Going to Las Positas for two years and transferring.”
  2. “I think we’ll be remembered for what our senior year was like.”
  3. “Being a part of the color guard/winter guard and marching band.”
  4. “Both, Mrs. Matthews, because I thoroughly enjoyed her classes and learned the most from her classes, and Mr. Enright, because my high school life wouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it was if it wasn’t for him and the music program.”


Mika Sayfurahman 

  1. “UC Davis.”
  2. “Soccer player.”
  3. “Making the NCS finals two years in a row.”
  4. “Mr. Switzer helped me with math a lot.”


Mahdi Shahab

  1. “CC then UCSC.”
  2. “Class of Covid.”
  3. “At home learning.”
  4. “Ms. Khangura was one of the teachers that really motivated me to do more.”


Emily Silva

  1. “Going to college to become a cruise line director and work for Disney.” 
  2. “Going through our entire senior year in the middle of a pandemic.”
  3. “Actually getting to go to school.”
  4. “Mr. Castro inspired me to go for my dream job rather than settling for something I would hate. He is the reason why I’m going into the field that I am.”


Elijah Suazo

  1. “Community College.”
  2. “Missing all the perks of being a senior.”
  3. “Being able to wake up at 10am for two trimesters.”
  4. “T. Connors.”

Caden Thaele

  1. “Spearfishing in Indonesia.”
  2. “Probably the pandemic.”
  3. “Football games, probably.”
  4. “Mr. Eelsing.”


Justin Torres

  1. “Make or own a business.”
  2. “Bringing change to LHS.”
  3. “Sports and friends.”
  4. “Mr. Castro, he showed me my love for film and movies.”


Natalia Torres-Avina

  1. “Community College.”
  2. Pandemic or Distance Learning.”
  3. “Homecoming.”
  4. “Ms. Borst and Mrs. Matthews.”


Estefania Tovar

  1. “Community college then transferring to a four year.”
  2. “Supporting each other.”
  3. “Playing lacrosse.”
  4. “My parents, brother, and friends had the biggest impact on my life. They have always supported me and helped me through the hard times in life.”

Viviana Valenton

  1. “4-year university majoring in architectural/civil engineering while also running collegiately.”
  2. “Living through a pandemic.”
  3. “Being a part of the cross country/track team and meeting a bunch of cool people.”
  4. “Mrs. Malloy because she would give advice about life other than school and important tips for applying to colleges and jobs.”


Ariel Van Buuren

  1. “I hope to go to a 4-year college but I haven’t gotten into one yet so I am really stressed. Other than that I haven’t thought of much. I want to study medical biology.”
  2. “I think this class will be remembered for surviving their senior year with COVID. Things are happening now at the end of the year but it is still all wacky.”
  3. “I think now that things are opening up I got to enjoy a senior swim season and volleyball is starting soon. I also get to see my friends on campus which is always fun. I am so appreciative that school and life in general are going back to normal.”
  4. “I’m not really sure because it was hard to connect with teachers this virtual year but Cabisino and Rodrigues have been very helpful this year with college apps and scholarships.”


Shaun Vandagriff

  1. “Going for an engineering degree at Boise State.”
  2. “Losing our senior year.”
  3. “All the new people I met and friends I made.”
  4. “Borst, she always gave us a place to go and made everyone feel important and welcome.”


Vanessa Vega

  1. “Going to Los Positas CC and then transferring to a UC.”
  2. “Our class will probably be remembered as the class that graduated towards the end (hopefully) of the pandemic.”
  3. “The highlight of my high school experience is not only being with my friends but meeting new people with each new class.”
  4. “A teacher that has the biggest impact on me is Mrs. Webber, she taught me good work ethic, how to cook, to sew, to knit, and to do it with a smile on my face.” 


Brian Vera

  1. “Most likely, college.”
  2. “Being a class that graduated during a pandemic, and a class that completely had to shift to online learning because of it.”
  3. “I didn’t really have any good highlights, these past 4 years were the hardest years of my life, but it wasn’t because of school, it was because of the real world.”
  4. “I’d say Mr. Moser for sure had an impact, there was something about his class that actually made me look forward to going to it. He was always there to just listen to what you had to say, and he actually could understand you. He deserves more credit than what he receives for sure, he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.”


Noelia Whitaker 

  1. “To go to Las Positas for a couple of years and after transfer to a 4 year university in CA.
  2. “Most likely the class that didn’t get the regular senior experience.”
  3. “I don’t think there really was a highlight for me.”
  4. “Ms. Borst. She was so sweet and there for me when I was going through a tough time.”


Lilian White

  1. “Go to Las Positas to do film studies.”
  2. “Being stuck inside.”
  3. “Being able to meet new people when I joined the Swim and Waterpolo team.”
  4. “Mrs. Walker, because she helped me understand math a lot better and was there to help with it when I needed it.”



Congratulations Class of 2021!

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