Late Night at Livermore


Late Night at Livermore, previously  known as Mr. Cowboy, is set to premiere late May in 2021. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will be pre-recorded.


Much like many of this year’s events, Mr. Cowboy has taken place in the spring trimester in previous years. It has in the past featured twelve male students and taken place in the theater. However, this year’s show will allow students of any gender to participate.


One of the show’s hosts, Josiah Alpher (12), said, “Obviously it used to be called Mr. Cowboy, but we wanted to make it a little more inclusive so everyone can feel included, and we wanted to make it so it wasn’t just all guys, but it could be guys, and girls, and anyone else who wanted to participate in it.”


Noah Hamilton (12), one of the contestants, said, “Getting people to participate is a good thing, because it better represents the people in our school.”


Another contestant, Eden Crowhurst (12), said, “My favorite part of LNL so far has been filming my talent. It was just such a weird premise, and very me to be honest, where I was just crocheting a granny square talking about twilight in the attic above the theatre. I can say with full confidence that no one has ever had that type of experience at LHS before.“


The twelve senior contestants will each record their  talent, interview, and lip sync portion. The segments will be recorded beforehand by Mr. Castro. This exciting new format might prove to be the new normal going forward for future seniors.


Hamilton said, “I really like the changes that have been from turning Mr. Cowboy into LNL. It better reflects our campus culture and what we stand for. If there is a small change that you can make to better represent our school, you have to do it.


Unlike years past, there will be no ticket sales. This year’s video will be posted on the Cowboy Alley Pro YouTube channel, where students and members of the community can watch it free of charge.