Students Opinions on Going Back Four Days

Livermore High School students in groups A and B have combined and are able to attend  school four days a week rather than two. With this new change it will be closer to the normal schedule students adhered to prior to the to COVID 19 pandemic. This  change has left students with concerns about the virus and returning to school.

Donovan Wolls (9) said,”My thoughts on going back four days a week is that it’s good for children to get back in class to the normal, but my concerns are that going back four days will be weird for students who are not prepared.”

Marina Rivera (9) said, “ I will be going back four days a week because I focus better in person than staying at home and getting off task.” She continued “My concerns are still doing everything online and  not really getting to know your classmates.”

“I think going back four days is really risky and I don’t think we should do it. It exposes all of us so much more than we already were.” said  Analynn Broxterman (9).

Some students are excited to go back to school for four days a week, while some have some worries, as the increase of students going back to school could lead to more COVID cases.