Why Students are Sticking with Remote Learning

Now that in-person school is an option, the majority of Livermore High School students are excited to return to campus. However, there are some who have decided to learn from home throughout the rest of the 2020-2021 school year. This raises the question: What makes a student want to stay home?  

In an attempt to answer this several students were interviewed on what makes them want to stick with distance learning. 


Sydney Goodwin (9) said,“One of the main reasons I continue to do online school is the fact that my close circle of friends are still online. I don’t want to be lonely at school, when I could be in the comfort of my own home” 


She continued, “Covid is a big factor for me, as well as not being adjusted to online school, I have concerns about covid and safety.” 


“At the time [when hybrid learning started], half of my family wasn’t vaccinated, and I didn’t want to put them at risk. I also was unsure of how tightly guidelines would be followed at school, and didn’t want to commit to hybrid learning just to find that out.”


Kyla McEneany (9) said “I decided not to return back to school because my concentration is better at home rather than in school.” 


She continued “If I went back to school, I think I would have a little bit of concern because not everyone is vaccinated yet, and I don’t want to go back to school because of covid, and distance is working for my family and I.”


Olivia Rowland (9) “I don’t like the school environment and it is very stressful to go back as a freshman because I have no idea where to go.”


She continued, “I don’t have a big concern with covid but I still want to be careful especially because kids like to disrespect the rule of wearing masks.


On a different note Rowland stated, “Going back next year may be even more dangerous because there will be more people in school which means less social distancing. Right now I would not want to go back because I feel that it would be too quick of a transition, and it’s towards the end of the year so I’m already accustomed to learning from home.”


Due to  COVID, some students are concerned about going back to school with everyone because of there being  a higher risk of getting sick.