LHS Senior Ball to be Held in June


On Tuesday, April 27, Livermore High School (LHS) seniors and parents were sent an email detailing the plans for the 2020-2021 Senior Ball. The date for the event is June 5 and will take place at the high school. 

Because of the results of the survey sent out to seniors regarding the event earlier this week, the attire will be semi-formal, and the event will include dinner and entertainment. 

In an effort to adhere to social distance guidelines, there will be no dancing, and the event will be held on the LHS football field. Seating arrangements will also ensure that students remain safe.

“Students will sit at tables 6 feet apart from each other,” said Lynette Residorf, the LHS Leadership teacher. In addition, “tables will be organized so that 4 people can sit ‘together’, and seats will be chosen when tickets are purchased.”

Tickets will be available for sale in mid-May, and LHS seniors that meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to attend. Students can also choose to purchase tickets for other students that attend schools with the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) such as Granada High School (GHS), Del Valle High School (DVHS), and Vineyard High School (VHS).

Senior students and parents will be sent emails periodically, informing them of updates. The Cowboy Advisory Period (CAP), held each week on Wednesdays, will also provide students with information about the event. This information presented in CAP can also be found on the Senior Page on the LHS website