LHS Homecoming Court Nominees Released

LHS Homecoming Court Nominees Released

Livermore High School’s Homecoming Court nominations were officially released on March 24. 

Among the freshmen nominees are Daniella Averill, Alisha Bagade, Hannah Blanchard, and Lucia Patrick. 

Since I’m a freshman, I don’t really have previous experience with being nominated, but this experience still felt very different,” Bagade said. “I have seen some of my friends be nominated last year, and their experience looks incredibly different than mine. Nonetheless, it has still been very fun getting to be a part of Homecoming Court!”

Patrick initially thought the email informing her of her nomination was a prank. She said, “When I received the email telling me that I had been nominated for homecoming court, I had no idea what to believe or whether it was a prank. Apart from that, I was excited and felt like I was in one of those cheesy high school films.” 

“If I do end up winning, I will probably go home and celebrate in my pajamas and eat ice cream and Facetime my friends [about]  how happy I am,” continued Patrick. 

“I was not expecting whatsoever to be nominated. When I got the email…my mom and I looked at my phone with wide eyes — kind of confused because it was such a shocker. I didn’t even vote for myself…but I’m very very thankful to everyone that did nominate me,” Blanchard explained. 

Sophomore nominees include Christian Cordero, Chritian Fisher, Summer Gryszowka, Savanna Johnson, Stuart May, and Roya Rashidchi.

“I have no complaints about the Homecoming Court experience. Most things are being handled over Google Forms and email,” May said. “The benefit of being nominated with COVID-19 being a factor is that there are not any rallies or in-person events that require nominees to embarrass themselves in some way. Overall I was glad that this was the year I was nominated because it requires minimal participation on my part.” 

Junior class nominees are John Alpizar, Izabella Guidry, Ava Hennings, and Kavya Murugesh. 

“I was overwhelmed with joy when I found out I was nominated, I didn’t know anyone voted for me in the first place. It was definitely a surprise,” explained Guidry. 

Senior Homecoming Court nominees are Kyler Adams, Amarachi Aladi, Sergio Andrade, Eden Crowhurst, Michaela Esposito, Riley Johanson, Skyler Koch, Madison Noltensmeier, Shaun Smith, and Adrianna Trifiletti. 

Trifiletti remarked, “I was curious as to who voted [for me]…I’m just super happy to even be a part of the experience.” 

“I was honestly surprised when I found out I was nominated for court, considering some of the actions I took this summer,” Aladi said, in reference to her advocacy for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. “I figured that speaking up for what I believed in left a bad impression on most, but I guess not!”

Leadership teacher Lynette Reisdorf said, “While it’s been difficult to navigate activities during the pandemic, I’m glad that we waited long enough to do this that at least the nominees have been able to come participate in person for the reveal during Homecoming week. If that goes smoothly, I’m sure it will be my favorite part!”

In reference to the changes that have been made to Homecoming, as a result of COVID-19, Reisdorf said, “In terms of COVID, the biggest change is the reveal will be done via YouTube Live and only parents [and] participants’ guests will attend. We will announce all classes at the same time.” 

In addition to changes due to COVID-19, Reisdorf also mentioned a variety of permanent changes to Homecoming, which will be around long after the pandemic. 

“Bigger changes that will be permanent involve switching from gender conforming titles like King, Queen, Prince, and Princess to gender neutral titles of ‘Royalty’ for Seniors and ‘Nobility’ for underclassmen,” Reisdorf explained.  “We also created a voting video that included footage of Senior participants with bios and pictures and just pictures for underclassmen. I don’t know yet if that will be just for COVID or possibly something we may continue.”

For students who want to stay up-to-date on Homecoming week festivities, there will be a  premier of a rally video Wednesday, the live stream of the Royalty and Nobility reveal Thursday (via the CowboyAlleyPro Youtube channel), and a Virtual Homecoming Concert Friday. All of these events will occur at seven in the evening.

“The Virtual Homecoming Concert requires tickets ($10 for LHS families and $20 non-LHS families) and will serve as a fundraiser for the Class of 2022. There are seven local bands playing with class videos and other LHS related things between,” said Reisdorf. 

For more information on how to participate in LHS Homecoming week festivities, visit the LHS Associated Student Body website