Sequel to Original “Coming to America” Film is getting buzz


The original “Coming to America” film is the first internationally successful movie in history that had an all-Black cast This is significant because, as explained by “Coming to America” actor, Eddie Murphy, “There’s just a handful of movies that have had all-Black casts that have been successful all around the world.”

In the original “Coming to America” released in 1988, Eddie Murphy’s character Prince Akeem of Zamunda travels to the United States to find a wife in, ironically, Queens, New York. In the widely-known comedy, the Prince heads to America with his quick-witted sidekick, Arsenio Hall’s Semmi. The royal prince’s adventure became one of the most beloved and popular comedies to ever come out of both film and pop culture. 


The impact of the film is still so extremely prevalent today. “Coming 2 America” brings most of the original cast back from the first film, along with a few new characters. Murphy’s Prince Akeem found his princess in the 80s and after 30 years and with three daughters, he discovers that after a one-night stand he has a grown son who is also now expected heir to the throne. The actors spoke on how the movie in 1988 played a huge role in their own identity. Those who worked on the film in the ’80s stated how the original film was one of the first experiences where they worked on a set with a majority of Black actors and crew. 


The original movie, as well as the entertaining sequel highlight the effect that the comedy has had on audiences. From famously known references and catchphrases from the movie, to people still dressing up as characters on Halloween, the movie franchise shows that comedies can be both influential and enjoyable.

“Coming 2 America” was released globally on Amazon Prime Video, March 5.