Volleyball Season (20-21) Update


The Livermore High School (LHS) Sports Program has suffered immensely from the COVID-19 pandemic rules and regulations, as every sport has been either canceled or postponed until further notice due to the California state safety regulations. 


The LHS volleyball season seemed to be progressing towards being able to start the season in late November 2020. However, when most of CA switched from the Red Tier to the Purple Tier on Dec. 14th 2020, it caused an increase in health and safety concerns. More restrictions on social distancing were reinstated causing the players to have to practice without equipment.


While in the Red Tier, the LHS volleyball players were able to hold conditioning sessions on campus. The players were still following the specific guideline of social distancing and wearing masks while on campus with others. 


During Nov. 2020, the coaches were able to provide the players with equipment to use during the conditioning sessions. The equipment was sanitized before and after use, and each player and coach were to sanitize their hands and forearms.


Tryouts for the delayed volleyball season were to be held starting Dec. 6, 2020. However, they were canceled when the county dropped down to the Purple Tier; changing the in place guidelines and restrictions to stricter ones.


The volleyball season was pushed back because of the county’s Purple Tier classification for COVID cases. This, along with it being an indoor sport, State and District personnel felt that volleyball could be a high transmission sport because of shared equipment, front row not being able to socially distance, and other conditions that may increase COVID transmission,” said Girl’s/Boy’s Varsity Volleyball Coach, Joey Rodriguez. 


Now, in February of 2021, with most of CA still in the Purple Tier, restrictions are still in place. The volleyball coaches are able to open up conditioning on campus once again, this time, without equipment. These are being held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. 


These are the same expectations that were in November of 2020. For a short time, we were using equipment while we were in the Red tier. Now that we are back in Purple Tier, we are back to the original restrictions,” said Coach Rodriguez.


With the school year coming into its last trimester, the chances of a season happening this year are very slim. 


Coach Rodriguez also shared his thoughts on what would happen if the players are not allowed to play. 


“Worst case scenario is we lose a year of development. However, that can be made up if players continue to work during the offseason or play club. However, I am confident that it will have minimal impact on future seasons, as more and more of our players are playing club volleyball compared to past years,” said Rodriguez.


The volleyball coaches are doing their best to give the new freshman and leaving seniors the best experience possible under the given circumstances and they will be doing the best they can for the players who are coming to campus and are continuing to condition.