New Schedule Faces Push Back from LHS Students


UPDATE: The new schedule went into effect on Wednesday, Jan. 20. The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District reviewed student feedback and made no changes.


During winter break, LVJUSD faculty members sent out an email containing new plans for a Wednesday schedule. 


The plan detailed thirty-minute periods beginning at 8:20 am and ending at 11:40 am with Cowboy Advisory Period (CAP) combined with students’ third period class.


While some parents are in favor of the schedule, many students have dissented to the changes. Petitions have been created by various members of the student body to express their discontent toward the schedule.


One reason for the earlier start time on Wednesdays was to ease students back into morning classes in preparation for an eventual return to campus. In a response on a petition,  Noah Hamilton (12), wrote, “Given the pandemic is at its worst, it is highly unlikely we will attend in-person learning any time soon.”


Hamilton continued to stress the importance of having a routine to rely on for students with special needs. He said, “Distance learning for these students is already extremely difficult as the majority of their needs are not met, and adding in a routine change may have a devastating impact in their education and mental health.”


Hamilton is not alone with his concerns about mental health. Anne Hughes, a senior at Livermore High School whose name has been changed to protect her anonymity, said, “I think having some sort of set schedule so that we can have even a short briefing or talk to the teachers, not just for classes, but even for mental health as well.”


Hughes went on to add that she thinks many people are opposed to the new schedule because it comes as a big change while students are trying to get into a routine.


As far as the length of the periods, Hughes said, “I would say I would rather us have an almost all day schedule and have more class time so I can understand the curriculum than have short class periods and pass the class.”


The change brings mixed opinions, and only time will tell how the schedule will affect the student body.