The Inauguration of Joe Biden

On January 20th of this year (2021) president Joe Biden had his inauguration at the U.S. Capital. The Inauguration started with Vice President Kamala Harris the first black woman Vice President being walked through the halls to the tarris. Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Biden. Former president Barack Obama and Geroge W.Bush were seen congratulating president Biden. 


Joe Biden took the oath and was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Kamala Harris was sworn the first woman Vice President by Sonia Sotomayer. The inauguration will go down in history. After the oath of office. Lady Gaga performed the National Anthem. Lady Gaga’s performance of ‘Star Spangled Banner’ was a moment to remember by the office official. 


Biden the second catholic president after John F. Kennedy was seen being sworn in and taking oath holding a 127 year old bible. Biden has had this bible in his family for since 1893.


Many famous icons had made messages and could be seen supporting Joe Biden at the inauguration. Famous singer Jennifer Lopez was heard screaming “let’s get loud” in Spanish. Amanda Gorman the nation’s youngest poet, reads the poem “The Hill We Climb.” Joe Biden tells America “Come together America and end this uncivil war”


The United State of America now has a new president that will take care of this country for the next four years. The Democratic party and Biden have started and will continue to serve this country.