Livermore High’s Holiday Spirit Week


Attention cowboys! This week, from Dec. 14th to Dec. 18th, the Livermore High School Leadership will be organizing a Holiday Spirit Week. Show up to your virtual classes decked in spirit for the themed days below:


Monday, Dec. 14, will be a holiday hat day, so wear cheerful and creative hats that remind you of the holidays. 


Tuesday, Dec. 15th, will be a holiday sock day, so pull out some cozy or spirited socks that fill you with holiday magic. 


Wednesday, Dec. 16th, will be a pajama day, so bring out some pajamas to wear, bonus points if they are winter holiday inspired. 


Thursday, Dec. 17th, will be a holiday throwback spirit day, so post on your social media a throwback picture from the holiday season.


Friday, Dec. 18th, will be an ugly sweater day, so pull out the ugly sweater that gets love once a year or make a handmade holiday sweater. 


Interested in participating in the spirit week? Post your spirit to Instagram and tag @COWBOYCONNECTION1891.