How TikTok Continues to be Ruled by Gen Z


TikTok is the number one rated entertainment app with over a billion users. The app has been downloaded over 175 million times in the United States alone, as reported by Wallaroo media. TikTok is enjoyed and used by all age groups, but the statistics continue to acknowledge that the Gen Z age group (born between 1995-2010) is the largest age group using the app. 


The uniqueness of TikTok makes the app very desirable amongst Gen Z users. According to a survey conducted by Hootsuite, TikTok’s largest age group of users in the U.S. is 18-24-year old’s, which accounts for 42% of all users, followed by 13-17-year old’s at 27%.  


 TikTok gives young people a platform to express themselves. The app thrived from the use of viral trends to memes, and music discovery had been a huge part of the app’s identity. When browsing the TikTok “sounds” tab users can choose from a variety of genres and categories such as new releases and trending songs. A top trending sound on TikTok is usually a top trending Spotify (musical platform) song as well, showing how great of an impact TikTok has on the music industry. 


A local Livermore student Julian Lee (7th), an avid TikTok user said, “The videos are entertaining because people share about themselves which influences our everyday life.” The student also said,“the first and last app I use everyday is TikTok.” A study posted on Wallaroo Media found that adolescents ages 4 to 15 spend an average of 80 minutes per day on the app and a report posted by Business Standard stated that Instagram fell from second spot to third as TikTok moved up to No. 2. 


To put in perspective the significance of Gen Z users on TikTok, the most followed account is that of 16-year-old Charli D’amelio with 93.3 million followers. Charli, as well as 20-year-old Addison Rae with 65.1 million TikTok followers, take the title as the highest paid TikTok users with endorsements from famous international brands like L’oreal and Reebok. This shows that, although TikTok is commonly known for its fun and creative content, the app can also serve as a major source of income for users. 


TikTok provides Generation Z  a platform where they can speak their mind while having fun. The app continues to be on the creative forefront and only time will tell how much of a positive impact TikTok will ultimately have on the entire world.