Among Us Overview


“Among Us” has gained popularity at Livermore High School, along with the rest of the United States, and was downloaded nearly 20 million times in recent months. The game was released June 15, 2018, by game studio InnerSloth, but has seen an influx of users in the past couple months. 


On a spaceship with up to ten players, every player is assigned a color upon entering the game: red, orange, yellow, lime, dark green, blue, cyan, pink, purple, or brown. 


There are two roles in this game, “crewmate” and “imposter.” The crewmates are assigned tasks to complete on the ship such as, taking out the trash, fixing the engine, swiping key cards, etc. If all the crewmates complete their tasks, they end the game and win. 


However, there is an imposter lurking on the ship whose sole purpose is wreaking havoc. They can sabotage the ship, travel through air vents, and the imposter has to kill almost everyone on the ship in order to win. Their goal: don’t get caught! If the crewmates find the imposter, they can vote them off the spaceship and potentially win the game. There can be up to three imposters in one game.


If a player is killed, they become a ghost. As a ghost, they can still finish their tasks and move about the ship, but they cannot communicate with other living crewmates. The only communication ghosts can have is with other ghosts that have been killed by the imposter. 


If someone finds a dead body while going about their tasks, they can report it and this calls a meeting to order with all the players where they discuss possible imposters and decide who to eject from the spaceship. The players must play judge, jury, and executioner! 


If someone suspects that a player is an imposter, they can hit the emergency meeting button which is located at a specific place on the map. This also calls a meeting to order where the group discusses possible suspects.


The app is downloadable on Android, iOS, and Windows devices for free on their respective app stores.