The SAGA Club Aims to Promote Knowledge and Inclusivity


The SAGA club, which stands for Sexuality and Gender Awareness, has kept their meetings virtually at Livermore High School. 


Led by advisors Carol Myllenbeck and Kristen Symula, the club promotes tolerance and acceptance of all sexualities and genders between students and faculty, which creates a safe space and environment for all people — regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The club achieves this aim through education.


The President of the SAGA club, Tyler Olcese (12) said, “The club has made me super happy and I am so glad to keep it going, it has really helped me step out of my shell and to build confidence.”


The club discusses a wide range of topics such as historical LGBTQ+ figures and events. Each day the members are told a fact about the LGBTQ+ community, known as the “Fact of the Gay”. 


Andy Siraponian (11), the Vice President, said that the club is, “a safe space where people can have a place to rely on someone to be there to listen.”


SAGA’s club’s goal is to inform. A focus of spreading information rather than misinformation. The club reviews educational topics such as gender identities and pronouns. 


Myllenbeck stated, “The goal is to increase the visibility as a club on campus and to make people aware and more accepting of LGBTQ+ people.” 


Adding to the statement, Symula, who is both a teacher at LHS and the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District LGBTQ+ Committee Chairperson, said, “It’s always important for everyone to know we are here to have a voice and that it is a supportive place to be accepted and reminded you are great no matter who you are in your life.”


The club meets weekly on Monday’s from 11:15 am to 11:40 am. To access the link, login to Schoology, go to Groups, click on My Groups, then go through the list of clubs until SAGA is visible. Once the club name is clicked, , a link will be available and any LHS students interested in joining the club can access the meetings through it.