Five Most Popular Games Over Quarantine


With the world being shut down left and right due to COVID-19, people have been stuck at home for months at a time. These months can be long and boring and many people have turned to games to pass some of the time. Here are some of the games that have become the most popular.


1.  Among Us (mobile):

“Among Us” is a group game that includes lies and deceit. You can play with up to 10 people with one, two, or three “imposters”. An imposter is the “killer” in the game and is the player or players who have to lie to win. There is an option to play online with strangers (you can invite friends to an online game with a six digit code) or to play local (with people near you). The point of this game is to vote out the imposter(s) if you are a crewmate and complete all your tasks. If you are the imposter(s), the point of the game is to kill everyone else and fake your tasks. Among Us is one of the most popular games in 2020.


2.  Call of Duty® (console, PC, or mobile):

There are a variety of ways to play this game, including story mode, multiplayer mode, and zombie-mode. On mobile, there is multiplayer and battle royale. The newest “Call of Duty” has a campaign and warzone added to the ways to play. There are different “Call of Duty” series, and the “Modern Warfare” series only has multiplayer and occasionally warzone, while the “Black Ops” series has the multiplayer and zombies.


3.  PUBG (Mobile):

“PUBG” is a first-person shooter game where the objective is similar to King of the Hill, or last person standing. Your job is to find and eliminate the other players while showing that you have the best survival and combat skills. To make it more challenging and ensure the game has a time limit, the environment you compete in shrinks geographically over time to ensure that players find each other.


4.  Minecraft (console, PC, or mobile):

This game has two basic modes, survival and creative. In creative mode, you can fly around and use a huge selection of blocks to build anything you can think of. In survival, you have a limited amount of hearts and you can die if you lose all of them. You can regenerate hearts by eating and you can lose them by starving, drowning, being attacked, or taking fall damage, etc.


5.  Fortnite (console, PC, or mobile):

This game is a battle royale game, which means that it is every player for themselves and the objective of the game is to be the last person alive out of 100 people. Finding “loot” on the ground is how you collect inventory and supplies and you can also build a fortress to protect yourself from attacks. 


Happy gaming!