CovidCram for Frosh Students

Every year in the first trimester of finals the Link Crew would set up “Cocoa, Cookies and Cram.” This was an event set up for freshman students to learn and work with older students on studying for finals. Freshman students were able to eat cookies while learning the ways of finals. 


This year due to COVID-19 “Cocoa, Cookies and Cram” won’t be able to run it’s usual way. Kristen Stephens, Health teacher and leader of Link Crew had set up a new style for studying during quarantine. This year for the first trimester there will be CovidCram. This event is for leaders of Link Crew to help frosh students study, review, and learn the expectations of finals week. Link Crew leaders will also help frosh students channel anxiety. 

If you are a freshman student, us older students encourage you to participate. CovidCram will be held 11/17 at 2: 15 pm to 4: 00 pm. To join the Google Meet use the code ‘CovidCram’ to join.