Uplifting Movies to Watch During Quarentine


Quarantine has been hard for many students, as they don’t have normal activities and may feel they have too much free time. Here are my top five uplifting movies to watch during quarantine, in no particular order.


My first suggestion is Wonder (2017). This movie is about a young boy with facial differences trying to live a normal life in elementary school. Constant problems continue to make his life harder, but he continues to embrace who he is. This movie can be streamed on Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime, and OnDemand.


Another outstanding movie is Clueless (1995). This movie may be a surprise to some who know it, but it has a deeper meaning. This story is about a self-absorbed, rich high school student who constantly wants the hot guys and popularity. She meets a new and lonely girl named Tai and decides to help her ‘see the light”. But when she starts to deal with the issues of reality, she ends up learning that self-love is more important than popularity. This movie is currently available on Netflix, Ondemand and Vudu.


For those who like animated movies, I recommend Despicable Me (2010). This movie is about a villain by the name of Gru who works with an iconic crew of yellow, indestructible minions, but after meeting a group of orphaned young girls, he realizes he’s not evil, just lonely. He adopts the young girls and creates a happy family. This movie can be found on Youtube, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and OnDemand.


My fourth suggestion is Legally Blonde (2001). This movie is about a girl named Elle who wants to win an ex back with her lawyer and academic skills. She faces prejudice for her femininity but is accepted into Harvard with the intent to win him back. This movie can be found on Hulu, OnDemand, Sling TV, and more.


Last, but not least, is Bring It On from 2000. This movie is about a group of cheerleaders known as the Toro cheerleaders. The group receives a new captain by the name of Torrance. She creates a wonderful and killer routine. It was later stolen by the opposing cheer team. Eventually, she creates a new routine to get the crowd on their feet. This movie can be found on Hulu, Sling TV, Pluto TV, OnDemand.


I hope many of you will enjoy these movies, as they are  some of my favorites. I remained to keep all movies rated PG or PG-13. So, if quarantine got you down and you’re in need of a smile and a laugh, get your family together for a happy and joyful movie night.