LHS Hosts Virtual Senior Talent Show 2020: Collaboration of the Seniors!


The 2020-2021 Senior class officers hosted  a virtual talent show as a way to create a connection between members of the graduating class. All members of  the Senior Class of 2020-2021 were encouraged to participate. The “best talent” will be chosen and given a prize after all the talents are judged. 


The Senior class officers,Jaxson Mosby (President), Brandon Norton (Vice President), Haiden Arruda (Secretary) and Rachel Huff (Treasurer) were the ones running it. 


The officers had participants  film a 20 second clip of themselves showcasing  their talent then post it to their Instagram with the tag lhsseniorclass21. Any talent was acceptable for submission as long as it was school appropriate. 


The officers added the submitted videos to the public lhsseniorclass21 story. The supervisor of the posted content was Gabriel Castro, the Video Production teacher at LHS.


Castro said that the goal of the virtual talent show was to “create a sense of community and shared experiences.”


Castro felt that  written restrictions or guidelines were not required for this talent show, as he believes that  seniors have an understanding for what is appropriate for school by now. 


“They [the students] were expected to use their best judgement for what is appropriate and what is not… If they weren’t sure they would come to Mrs. Reisdorf or myself to be a sounding board… We would talk about it before they post it to the official account,” Castro said.


The talent show was held from Oct. 19 to Oct.20. After the talent show was complete, Norton commented on  the outcome.


“We didn’t get very many submissions… I want to say maybe three or four… I think it was particialty the communication of it, we couldn’t really get it out to much of an audience nor motivate them as much… we proposed having some sort of prize but still people didn’t really want to do it,” said Norton.


Norton shared that the only people who really participated in the talent show were leadership students, who are highly involved with the school. 


Norton said, “I think that our original plan [for the prize] was some sort of gift card, but I know our teachers discussed and they said that because there was such a low submission, it might just be like a post on social media saying ‘they won’. Kinda like bragging rights/”


The talent show did not have the outcome the officers expected. Norton said he thinks that if the communication had been better and the class was more motivated the outcome would have been larger, and it would have been a more fun experience. 


Norton is hopeful that they might get to try the talent show again, or that it might possibly become an annual thing for future seniors .


“I would hope that we would try it again, just to see what happens. It would definitely have to be in person… it would be a lot better in person,” said Norton.