Celebrating a Spooky (and Socially Distanced) Halloween


Livermore High School students will be celebrating Halloween differently this year due to the social distancing guidelines imposed by Alameda County in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. But there are still several ways students can have a delightfully frightful night without putting themselves, or others, at risk of contracting the virus.


There are several activities that students can participate in without leaving their house or ignoring the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines for a safe Halloween. Several students commented that they are planning to spend the night watching horror movies with small friend groups and getting dressed up in costumes. Others expressed interest in pumpkin decorating with their friends or families.


Despite the quarantine, Reeya Vyas (11) looks forward to her family tradition of “buying and painting pumpkins and putting them outside for people to see.” 


For students who want to carve or decorate their pumpkins, Joan’s Farm and Pumpkin Patch and Moore Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Trees, located in Livermore, are great businesses to purchase from.


If going to a pumpkin patch is too time-consuming and cuts into preexisting plans to devour candy, grocery stores within Livermore are also selling pumpkins.


Anna Casey’s (12) plans remain unchanged for this year. Casey stated that her Halloween celebration usually consists of “binge-watching scary movies the week leading up to and the day of Halloween.” 


Casey added that the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream are her favorite movies to watch to get into the spooky spirit.


Students who are interested in spending their time similarly can look to streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to find the perfect Halloween movie to watch. Additionally, for those who would rather stick with television networks, channels such as Freeform showcase Halloween movies throughout October. 


For students who have younger relatives they are celebrating the holiday with, the CDC suggests that trick-or-treaters wear a mask, continue social distance, and make sure to use plenty of hand sanitizer. They do suggest, however, that those who feel uncomfortable participating in the tradition this year to begin new Halloween traditions.


LHS students are lucky that the Bay Area is home to many fall-themed attractions and activities that they and their families and friends can attend. 


Also, if quarantine has left students bored and looking for creativity, they can consult numerous websites to find recipes for different autumnal treats and projects.


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