LHS Library Slowed Down But Intent On Student Safety

Amid a global pandemic, the Livermore High School Library is working diligently to make sure students have everything they need this school year, with safety being the number one priority. 

Stephanie Bogetti, Livermore High’s Librarian and Library Media Specialist, said that despite setbacks due to a lack of books and chaotic schedule changes, the LHS Library is determined to ensure students feel safe when dropping off or picking up books.

“Because students weren’t comfortable returning their books last year, it created a shortage of books starting school this year,” Bogetti said. “We made a lot of phone calls to get them back, but bagging books was quite the ordeal, it really took a village. As we move forward we’ll try to make it better and safer for everyone, and that is our main concern.”

According to Bogetti, the mandatory quarantine for books coupled with the bad air quality from the California fires has slowed the system down, but she is grateful for all the support she has been getting from fellow staff. She also said she really misses all the students who used to help her in the library pre-quarantine.

“Quarantining books has put a delay in checking them out again. We have worked extra hard to make sure that all books quarantine for seven days, then cleaned with disinfectant wipes, but it’s been a long process,” Bogetti said.

“Working outside was very difficult because of all the smoke,” Bogetti also said. “My position used to be completed with the help of my students, but now I receive help from other staff members, which I greatly appreciate!”

Renee Hennessy, a Livermore High School English Teacher, said that she’s noted how the library has been very inviting, more so than before quarantine, and that she’s glad they’ve been there to help her and her new students.

“They just want students to come and get their things, they’ve been very open and very welcoming,” Hennessey said. “Of course it’s not what it once was, but I really do feel like they are trying to be so accommodating, to bend over backwards to be available.”

Another member of the LHS English department, Carol Myllenbeck, said she has really appreciated the help she’s gotten from Bogetti and the LHS Library. She also said she thinks they’re handling the change in policies really well in distance learning.

“I know Ms. Bogetti has been really helpful in giving us teachers in the English department materials, like for instance, if we’ve never taught a novel before she’ll have a published copy of materials to supplement what we’re trying to teach,” Myllenbeck said. 

“I think it’s tough for her to be able to see students as much,” Myllenbeck also said. “She’s running the whole thing remotely like we all are, and I think she’s doing a great job.”

Vice Principal Roxana Mohammed has been working with the library to make sure students get the books they need this year.

“The Administration, first and foremost, misses our students,” Mohammed said, “And we are working really hard to make school as accessible as possible. We coordinated all material checkouts school-wide, and we’re meeting with students regularly, responding to them before all else.”

Along with library checkouts, Mohammed said that she and the rest of LHS’s administration staff have been actively trying to guarantee students feel grounded despite the confusion and isolation brought on by distance learning. 

“We are also working very hard to ensure that students have access to social-emotional counseling and we’ve been organizing the information in CAP so that students get timely and relevant information,” Mohammed said.

Information on how to check out a book, the new LHS Library hours, and Bogetti’s email can be found on the Library Pickup Flyer