New Community Group Offers Opportunities for Students to Bring About Change


The Equity and Inclusion Working Group is a new, city-run organization in Livermore that is helping the community become more accepting and a safer place for people of color.


Founded by council members Patricia Munro and Bob Woerner, the Working Group aims to target key areas of the community to create more equity for all. These areas have been narrowed down to a few categories within the group, so one section is focused on culture, another on education, the third on equity around work, and the fourth is economic and housing equity.


While the age range of applicants and members includes individuals as young as 16 years old, very few high schoolers are involved in the group as of now. According to Munro, young people often don’t participate in local government, but that needs to change. She said that she thinks people can make the biggest difference locally when they get involved, in whatever way works best for them.


The Working Group is split into smaller groups to target specific issues. One subject that they address is community culture and representations. Livermore has its own culture, and people perceive it a certain way. 


“It’s what people believe about what this town is, how they express that in art, in music, in visual representation,” Munro said. “So, for example, the murals around town. What spaces feel open and welcoming, but also how people talk to each other.”


An area of growth the group wants to focus on is education and reaching out to the youth. The group doesn’t want to only focus on the experiences of students during class, so they will also take into consideration the experiences that kids have outside of school.


A third subgroup will be focusing on policing and human services, and they will be trying to find new ways to ensure public safety in Livermore.


Another focus for the Working Group is equity in regards to housing, workplace practices and environments, and the economy. Making sure that there are more diverse housing opportunities is a big part of accommodating people of all backgrounds. This means that the types of houses, the costs, and the neighborhood settings will offer a wide variety of places to live. 


Equity at work means that there will be equal opportunities for those working and equal representation within those opportunities. Economic equity means that there is an even distribution of income, resources, and services. 


Munro said that there is no limit for the number of members in the Working Group, but the applications will not be open forever. The meetings are held within the subgroups concerning different aspects  (cultural equity, education and youth outreach, policing and human servicing, equity in regards to economics, housing, and the workplace) and each subgroup meets at a different time. The Working Group is currently in the process of creating a solid schedule and they plan to hold a few meetings per month, each lasting two to three hours. 


To learn more about this opportunity, look on the City of Livermore’s website. Interested students can fill out an application to join the Working Group.