Organizing for Better Productivity and Improved Mental Health While Learning at Home


With distance learning becoming the new normal for Livermore High School students in the 2020-2021 school year, staying organized at home can be a challenge for students whose current workspaces typically serve as an escape from school. 


Students are required to complete their assignments in the same space from which they are typically free after they have completed their homework. Due to remote learning, they are now required to attend classes, complete homework, and likely sleep in the same area. This can affect their mental state.


While there is little that students can do in regards to finding a quiet space to work, and several are stuck in their rooms, there are a few ways to ensure that they can be productive and take care of themselves mentally. 


Organizing is a powerful action that is applicable in all aspects of life inside and outside of school. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting quarantine, many students have been left feeling especially low, an issue which may worsen as the fall leads to winter. Studies have shown that an organized space can do wonders for one’s emotional state and provide those who are struggling a bit of support in their everyday lives.


Taking inspiration is one thing, as using an end result could encourage those who are lost but a complete recreation should not be the main goal.


It is important to remember that organization looks different for everyone and what may work for one individual may not necessarily work for another. Therefore it is important to organize based upon personal needs and not feel pressured to model after someone else.


It is tempting to want to throw out every personal belonging and become one of the individuals who seem to have it all together. It can be satisfying to imagine personal belongings resting in matching labeled mason jars that march along shelves and within events in neat rows. 


However, while this idea is nice to think of, it can be more harmful than helpful, as placing expectations on skills can hold one back and prevent them from moving forward. 


With the distance between family and friends becoming ever more noticeable as the temperature turns colder, it is expected that we may feel saddened and less productive. As such, becoming more organized could aid those who struggle with seasonal depression.


Along with boosting productivity, there are several benefits of being organized, including improved sleep, reduced anxiety or stress, and more. 


The hardest part of getting organized is starting. Once a behavior is repeated, it becomes a habit and is harder to break. Creating a foundation is possibly one of the most difficult steps and it can be overwhelming but there are several sources available to assist.



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