LVJUSD Assistant Superintendent Passes Away at Age 52

LVJUSD Assistant Superintendent Passes Away at Age 52

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District’s Assistant Superintendent Mike Biondi was found dead on September 30, 2020, after going missing on September 22. He was 52 years old.

Biondi, according to his online profile on the LVJUSD website, worked as a university instructor,  Director of Curriculum and Instruction, principal, assistant principal, department chair, and teacher.

The profile also stated that he served in significant leadership roles at both school and district levels in the areas of data, technology, literacy, Special Education, California Standards implementation, and staff and leadership development. Additionally, Biondi was a proud advocate for school and community partnerships.

Image via Biondi’s profile on the LVJUSD website.

When he was not working or volunteering, Biondi was a big fan of outdoor activities, such as swimming and hiking, and travelling, as well as spending quality time with his wife and his three children. 

LVJUSD Director of Special Education Frank Selvaggio said, “Mike was one of the most gracious individuals I have ever worked with. He genuinely cared for those he worked directly with. He also had a great sense of humor. Finally, Mike was an innovator. He was constantly looking for new ways to support our students.”

Selvaggio’s fondest memories of Biondi were the conversations they had on their hikes and walks to meetings. He said, “We shared a lot about our families and how we could continue to find ways to help our students in Livermore be more successful. Mike was incredibly passionate about the  work he did.”

Deputy Superintendent Chris Van Schaack worked with Biondi for over three years and described him as a very optimistic man, who was always a positive force in the office. 

“Even through the challenges of COVID he was convinced that we would figure out ways to provide great support to teachers and students,” Van Schaack said. “He always pushed me to think in innovative ways and was a great help in maintaining a calm atmosphere.” 

In an email to staff, as shared in The Independent, LVJUSD Superintendent Kelly Bowers encouraged members of the district to share and take comfort in their memories of Biondi. 

“He will always be with us in our hearts,” Bowers wrote. “And he has left an indelible imprint on our lives and the lives of so many students. We take comfort in cherished memories of his time and work with us.”

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