LHS’ SWE Next Club Allows Students to Explore Engineering and STEM Fields

LHS’ SWE Next Club Allows Students to Explore Engineering and STEM Fields

Livermore High School’s SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Next Club is “an engineering coalition focused on having high school students explore the fields of engineering and STEM,”as described by the club’s president, Ava May (12).

May continued to speak about how their interest in engineering began during their sophomore year, and they have been enamored ever since. “I decided to join the club my junior year due to LHS SWE Next’s mission to compete in [California Polytechnic State University’s] design challenge, as well as the potential to meet industry professionals.”

May now plans on double-majoring in specialized engineering fields, namely mechanical and aerospace engineering. 

The SWE Next Club is known to host guest speakers and engineering field professionals often and, when students are attending school in person, tour engineering workplaces. 

SWE Next Club’s treasurer, Ximena Pulido (12) hopes that the club’s ample opportunities to learn about engineering and STEM fields will help diversify the field, which is known to be very male-dominated.

“I hope to grow the club in regards to our members and inspire more women to pursue a career in engineering,” Pulido explained.

The club’s event coordinator, Harshitha “Hershey” Sarathy (10) had similar thoughts when it came to her aspirations for the club. 

Sarathy explained, “I decided to join [the club] because I wanted to see more women empowerment in STEM…in 8th grade, I was the only girl in my STEM class.” 

Although the club absolutely encourages women to explore engineering, May wants to make it clear that all genders are welcome to join. “[SWE] is just the name of the larger organization we are a part of,” May explained. “If it was my choice, I would rename it the ‘Society of Womxn Engineers.’”

Sarathy said, “I think people should join [SWE Next Club] because it provides a new perspective on engineering, one that’s fun and also stimulates your brain. I’ve learned so much from being in the club, and contrary to popular belief, people who are not women can join as well.” 

“SWE helps students not only explore the field of engineering, but other STEM careers, as well,” May said. “We meet on Mondays…and [we] are always open to new members!”

The LHS SWE Next club meets on Mondays during the designated club meeting period. Visit the link in the @lhsswenextclub Instagram bio for more information regarding joining the club or email the club’s advisor directly at [email protected]

Feature Image Credit: Riley Johanson (created using Canva)