Artist Spotlight: Dillon Maheshwari


Dillon Maheshwari is a sophomore whose track season was unfortunately cut short due to the unprecedented effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the school system. He has written a poem titled “the World is Changing” to reflect his emotions during this trying time.


Dillon Maheshwari, 10th


-the World is Changing-

(Dedicated to a Track Season Cut Short) 


Sitting here and crying.

Staying positive; I’m trying.

It’s hard to crack a smile,

When it’s gonna be a while.


No more gatherings until June,

A season cut too soon.

All the goals I have set,

Hopeful times that won’t be met.


Bye-bye sound of the gun, 

Signaling my time to run. 

Bye-bye chilling by our tent, 

Waiting for my event. 


 No more chances to win my heat, 

They have canceled every meet. 

Victories I wanted so bad, 

Turning to opportunities never had.


My blood, sweat, and tears, 

Replaced by growing fears.

Every race brought such bliss,

A feeling I will miss.


All of the sports have faded,

The pandemic has invaded.

 No more games to be won,

 The sports world is done.


 It’s hard to flip a frown; 

So easy to look down. 

 Yet, we must stay strong.

 Only that, can do no wrong. 


 Each other is all we got 

 And to be honest, that’s quite a lot. 

 We must look at the light,

 No matter how dark the night.