Trimester or Semester System?


School districts have different ethics to ensure that their students benefit the most and excel in their work efficiency. 

Kids at Livermore high and other schools in the surrounding districts have never experienced the semester system and could be hypothetically missing out on an opportunity to possibly learn in a better way than the already set trimester system.

The trimester system consists of three sectors of a school year, each sector is separated by a two or three-week break. Each trimester is usually 12 to 13 weeks long. 

A semester system is an 18 week period and not divided up into sections like the trimester system, although they still have two to three-week breaks. The two different learning systems both have their advantages and disadvantages but it comes down to the work and dedication each student is willing to put into their school work to get a better grade to determine which one is better.

 Students like myself are more keen to the semester system because it gives each student the opportunity and ability to fully grasp and understand new concepts before moving onto other classes along with giving the teachers and staff more time to explain the subjects and materials in complete depth as well as include more material about particular subjects in class.