The ABLE Program Celebrates Black History Month


The Lawrence Livermore National Lab African American Leadership Forum, otherwise known as the ABLE program kicked off the month February by celebrating Black History Month at Livermore High. Lead by Mrs. Mohammed,and other members of ABLE Celebrated Black History Month by putting up art of African American figures, culture and portraits on doors and buildings all over the Livermore High School campus.

 ABLE also made announcements for the daily bulletin with quotes from historical figures in history. Ariana Finley(10) a member of able said one of the reasons they did this was because “African-American culture and achievements don’t really get told in the textbooks so we just wanted students to know that we are also very influential people in history and to America. Certain things such as the stop light, open-heart surgery, and multiple music genres were created by black people, and we just wanted the student body to be aware of that.” Along with the Announcements ABLE also played music in the Amphitheater during lunch to show how the culture through music has grown and evolved through the decades.

 Jazmin Lee(10) another member of ABLE said that something she wanted all students to remember and take away that “I feel like everyone should treat others equal and treat them how they want to be treated.”Some teachers also showed their own support by putting their own picked quotes and pictures on their doors along with the ones provided by ABLE. 

ABLE meets every other Thursday during 3rd period.