Ms. Caryn Quezada : A Teacher Profile


Caryn Bostrom Quezada, teaching 10th and 11th-grade English at Livermore High School. One of the previous places she taught at was Juvenile Hall. She was motivated to help students that do not have a great connection with school. Quezada’s mother along with a former principal she once worked with recommended working at a prison. She eventually found a job available at Juvenile Hall in Martinez, California. At her job interview, she was offered a job as a math and science teacher which were subjects she didn’t have teaching credentials for. She took the offer because it’s more for the students, not the subjects. 


She started her job in the fall of 2016 and stayed for 3 years. She described her time working there as very rewarding and inspiring work. “Teaching there was very different than public school because the kids stay in closed up units and it’s very tense and a difficult environment to learn in,” Quezada explained. 


After teaching math and science for a while, she switched to teaching physical education. P.E was the only time the students were able to go outside and get some fresh air. She then taught English for the last six months of her teaching at juvie. During her time as an English teacher, she did an English rap workshop and got involved with a nationwide poetry contest. Quezada stated that the poetry contest was the best experience while teaching there. Students would recite each other’s poems out loud and vote for who’s the best. This broke down the sense of isolation they had. The winner from that juvenile hall was able to be taken out of the hall and compete against other winners in higher levels. The winner from the hall won the nationwide contest and won a candle, special lunch, and got their poem published in a magazine. 


Some things she learned from teaching there were that students are the greatest teachers. She listened and learned from her students that nothing is ever as it seems. They had to deal with a ton of injustice which just led to more. Those are reasons she was very motivated to help those that don’t have the best connection with school. Thank you, Ms. Quezada, for coming to Livermore High School.