Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Had Mixed Reactions


For being a 42 year franchise and having kids for generations fall in love with the Star Wars movies, the direction of the final movie in the original series was all over the place and lacked direction. Ever since I was young I loved the fantastical cinematic world that  is Star Wars.

But, The Rise of Skywalker was sporadic and had plot holes large enough to fly a Star Destroyer through. 

Although some of the bigger questions fans had about plot points were answered and other matters are definitively settled,the movie relied heavily on using old call backs as well as fan service to  stir emotions in fans rather than relying on a good plot. The graphics were very eye-catching with visually stimulating battles on land and in the sky that got the adrenaline pumping.

There were also moments, like in every Star Wars movie, that got a rise out of the audience and caused more than a few laughs and guffaws. The Rise of Skywalker used the breathless visuals and emotional rollercoasters to derive your attention from the nonsensical errors in the plot.

Switching directors during the last trilogy also continued to unrail the trilogy with J.J Abrams directing the first and last movie but Rian Johnson directing the middle movie The Last Jedi taking the plot in an entirely new direction than what Abrams had intended. When Abrams came back on the last movie The Rise of Skywalker, I felt as though he stuffed in a whole bunch of filler to meet what he originally had intended for the series and to erase what Johnson had done. 

Overall, as a Star Wars fan I was genuinely disappointed with the way the movie ended. I was hoping for a different line of conclusion and was disappointed by the sequence of events towards the end as well as the mislineup of character arcs and shaky character development.