Livermore High School Math Teacher Explains Why She Became a Teacher


Jennifer Walker is a math teacher at Livermore High School. She started teaching in 1998, she worked for a year as an english teacher at Encanto Elementary School. Afterwards she didn’t work again until 2003, where she worked as a math teacher at Junction Avenue K-8 School for one year before coming to LHS where she has worked ever since. 

Walker went to Foothill High School in Pleasanton, California. She has attended a number of colleges over the years. 

First, Walker went to the University of Oregon for one year, then she went to Las Positas College for two years.

She then studied at the University of California San Diego for one year working on math. Later, Walker attended San Diego Mesa College for two years where she got her business degree, then she went back to the University of California San Diego for two years where she got her economics degree. 

Walker received her teaching credentials from Chapman University, and at the moment she’s working on her masters for educational technology at Concordia College, which she’s been doing for the past two years.

Walker states,”I love being a student.”

She decided to become a teacher because she had a lot of problems learning algebra when she was younger, but then she had a teacher that taught her methods to better understand math. She wants to be able to do that for students who are also struggling with math. Walker also liked the idea of having summers off. 

Walker enjoys teaching math because she likes the organization of numbers. Her favorite thing to teach is the Law of Cosines and transformations. When planning her lessons she usually thinks about what she’s going to be teaching, and then she uses the math textbook to find interesting things to teach. Her message to students is, ”hard work pays off in success.”