Link Crew Members Host Valentine’s Day ‘Doughnut Walk’


On Friday, Feb. 14, Livermore High Shcool’s Link Crew members hosted an event for freshmen during lunch in the science quad. The club members brought a portable speaker and multiple boxes of doughnuts to the science quad then drew a chalk circle on the ground labeled with the numbers one through ten. Curious students began to gather but were told only freshmen could participate. The freshmen approached the club members and were instructed to either stand on a number or wait until they were able to participate.

The game was simple and the freshman caught on quickly. A member of Link Crew would play a song and instruct ten freshmen to walk counterclockwise around the circumference of the circle until the song was paused. Once the students had stood frozen on their number that they had landed on, a number was drawn and read aloud. The student that was standing on that number received a doughnut of their choice.

Multiple rounds were held and lucky students selected their prizes after their victories.