Livermore High School Theater Program to Present “Godspell”


The Livermore High School Theater Program will be performing Godspell on Feb. 14 and 15, and Feb. 20 – 22, at 8 pm in the LHS Theater.

The story of Godspell is the “modernized version of Jesus, his disciples, and his teachings. It follows the story of Jesus and his disciples, leading up to Jesus’ crucifiction,” according to Melissa McCloud (grade 11), who acts as a Player in the production.

The play has a large ensemble, with James Cerutti (grade 11) playing the role of Jesus and Dylan Sanchez (grade 10) playing the role of Judas. 

Christopher Filice (Director and Pianist), Carol Hovey (Director), Ian Silvester (Drummer), Grace VandenHeuvel (Pianist), Stephen Danska (Guitarist), and Meghan Hornbacker (Choreographer) stand with the cast of Godspell.

The performers invite LHS students, staff, friends, and family to attend the event and watch as the Bible is brought to life.

Tickets are available for purchase on the cowboy webstore.