Livermore High School, East Avenue Middle School, and Christensen Middle School Combined Band Concert


Last Wednesday, February 5th, 2020, was the Livermore High School, East Avenue Middle School, and Christensen Middle School combined band concert. The concert started at 7pm and lasted close to fifty minutes.

 The bands performing were Livermore High School’s Symphonic Band, East Avenue Middle School’s eighth grade band, and Christensen Middle School’s eighth grade band.

 In total they played six pieces, “Next Generation Fanfare,” “Danny Boy,” “El Zorro Rojo,” “Angry Beavers,” Variations,” and “A Mother Of A Revolution.” The middle school bands played the first four pieces, and the LHS Symphonic Band played all six pieces.

 Giulia Cuppoletti (grade 11) had a solo in the piece “A Mother Of A Revolution.” She believes she did very well, and that her section, the percussionists, were a little shaky but that they performed well overall. She believes that for the band, they still need to work on all the pieces, but it was a good run through.  

On the other hand, Caitlin Robertson (grade 10) thought that she definitely could have used work. She believes that her section, the euphoniums, did decently, but they have room for improvement. As for the band as a whole, she believes they did decently, but they definitely could have done better.

Unlike the students, LHS Band Teacher Justin Enright stated, ”the Symphonic Band did great, and worked well with the eighth graders.” 

Enright believes that the eighth graders show a lot of promise for the future of the LHS bands. Cuppoletti believes the middle school bands did as well as expected, and Robertson stated, ”They have a long way to go before high school.”

Some advice Enright, Robertson, and Cuppoletti would give to the Middle Schoolers is, “Make sure to practice! Particularly at home, and be sure to ask questions!”