Livermore High School’s Bathroom Regulations Need to Change


Livermore High School administration has been trying to take a stand against teen vaping and vandalism by locking student bathrooms. Although in theory this could work, it hasn’t really been effective.

Everyday, students have to use a restroom and walk the entire school trying to find an open bathroom. Even when those students do find a bathroom to use, it isn’t the most private situation.

Staff members sit outside restrooms regulating who gets to use the restroom, when, and for how long. When did bathrooms become so public?

The idea behind faculty regulating the flow of traffic in the bathroom is intended to prevent students from vaping but in reality it doesn’t. Students lose their privacy and feel rushed to get out. 

Either way students will still find ways to vape whether it be in class, during lunch, or after school. Even the small amount of time a student will be in the bathroom they could still vape. 

The ratio between girls’ and boys’ bathrooms being open is completely unfair. Two girls and two boys walked the campus last Friday to collect data on bathroom accessibility and the results were unnerving.

Only two of the girls’  bathrooms were closed whereas every boys’ bathroom was locked except for the one located in the 400 building.

These bathroom regulations are getting extremely frustrating and students as well as faculty members are fed up. Students are late to classes and lose class time trying to find a place to go to the bathroom. 

School is a place for learning, not spending the day trying to find a place to simply use the restroom.