Bringing the house down-Mr.Buchenauer’s Earth Science Class Earthquake Homes

Group One’s house By
Chase Paulo, Connor Lemmons, Aaron Stone, Bobby Aluear.                                Group 1’s is Hogwarts it only appears to those who believe that it exists


Gingerbread House by Group Two-Dakota Kaiser, Dante Miller,Lily Hurley            Does it taste good
It looks like a gingerbread house 
It would be a shame if it were to fall
We’re going to shake Hansel and cereals fillings out after eating too much sugar


Group Three’s house
Eli Martinez, Jarnail Mahey                   What level of earthquake do you want
Extra large
Extra large-This isn’t McDonald’s!
Group Four’s Home-Berenis Silva,Ara Galindo, Yulianna Uaca, Alessandro Dominguez.                                                    Kid in audience- hey yo that’s peppa pig whatsup!!! 


Group Fives home named “Shreks Swamp”By
Jackson Elders,Stephen Mal,Nolan Myria


The Open Top Home By Group Six
Nathan Blackmore, Matthew Yendray    Are those windows all around the bottom?
Well you know what they say about throwing rocks and glasshouses, you shouldn’t do it
Oh so that’s where the scissors went!
Well you know what they say about throwing scissors at houses


Group Seven’s Home By Josiah Pierce, Wilder Mann, Vicente Ibarra                      It’s named “Phillip’s house” with a little man named Phillip 
If you kill your residents, yes you lose points
Group Eights Home By Adriana Popescu, Kira Korsak, Kiera Forst, Elijiah Schell    It’s camouflage I can’t see it Well maybe we’ll have a flying house  If you shake the house anymore it’s going to walk away