The Best Way to Spend Valentine’s Day if You’re Single


Every year, couples rejoice and singles despair in preparation for Valentine’s Day. A lot of people mule over how they will spend that night, whether they will spend time with a significant other or dread being alone.

There is a solution for those who are single and don’t want to spend the day alone. Simply choose an activity to do, and invite all members of the friend group. Find an activity that the singles and couples can enjoy together. 

My friend group has used this method for the past four years. This allows for the couples to have a movie date and for the singles to spend time with the ones they are close to. 

This holiday is a day of love after all, however it has never been said it had to strictly be romantic, therefore it can be platonic as well. Traditionally Valentine’s Day is spent with a significant other, but many people tend to love their friends just as much as they love their  significant other, only in a different way.  

Valentine’s Day does not to be a day that is looked toward with apathy or unease that only couples can appreciate. Rather than only view the holiday as a day exclusively for romantic love, look at it as a day where one can celebrate the love in platonic relationships as well.

This way when Valentine’s Day rolls around it doesn’t have to be solely enjoyed by those in a relationship. Singles and couples alike can spend the day with those they love and care about most, whether those people are significant others, friends, or family.