Livermore School Drama and Poetry Clubs to Present ‘Play Our Way’


Livermore High School’s Drama Club will be performing original one-act plays on Saturday, January 25th at 7:00 in the LHS theater. These plays are written by members of the LHS Poetry and Drama clubs and are produced within 24 hours. Admission is free but donations are encouraged. 

Amira Sain (grade 9) and Emily Buttler (grade 9) have finished writing their plays and are looking forward to the process of producing their works.

Sain’s work follows the story of a girl who “ends up in another dimension where everything she exaggerates becomes real or true. For example, if she said ‘my mom is colorblind,’ then her mom would go colorblind. She makes some pretty silly decisions and things go downhill very rapidly.”

Buttler’s play tells the story of “two adventurers who go on a noble quest to take down the nefarious Sticky Mouse.”

The members of the clubs look forward to the night when their works will be shared with the school, as they put the finishing touches on their plays.