Sliding Out West-Winter Jam 2019


The Saturday before Christmas was particularly foggy, but as you neared Sonoma Raceway, the fog disappeared and gave way to glorious tire smoke. The sight of plums of smoke from the turns at the race track. Sonoma raceway’s winter jam is an annual event held each year for Northern California’s amateur and pro drifters. Each set of turns at the raceway is turned into a different drift track, with the main paddock set up as a skidpad.


Drifting is the intentional loss of traction while maintaining control of the vehicle through the entry and exit of a turn. It was made popular in the seventies by driver Kunimitsu Takahashi.

Drifting is usually done in a rear-wheel-drive sports car, but with enough power, all-wheel-drive cars can be used. The prefered and cheapest way to go drifting is Japanese sports cars like the 240z, Nissan S-Chassis cars, Nissan 350z and 370z cars. But Drift culture is limited to just Japanese cars, BMW’s, Mustangs and even Corvettes can be found kicking their rear out. Overall a drift car is what the driver makes it, and can be almost any rear-wheel-drive car.