LHS Holiday Concert

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Wednesday, Dec. 11th was the Holiday concert, it was from 7 pm-9 pm in the school theater. Six groups played with a total of 15 songs.  Jazz Band played first, then Orchestra, and then after Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra played. Then there was an intermission. After the intermission, Concert Band played, followed by Symphonic Band, and finally Full Orchestra, which consists of both Band and Orchestra.  

Caitlin Robertson (grade 10) is in Symphonic Band. She believed that they did really well on their second piece, but the first could have used work. She also believes that personally she did really well. Robertson stated that her favorite part of the evening was when she was performing.

 Giulia Cuppoletti (grade 11) who is also in Symphonic band. She agrees with Robertson that they did well, especially because it wasn’t competition level.

 Livermore High school band teacher Justin Enright agreed with them and stated,”The Symphonic Band crushed it.” Cuppolettti stated that overall she would give the band a B minus and that they could have done better, but they still did well. She thought that she performed well.  

 Enright said that overall the groups played very well, and that his favorite part of the evening was watching LHS student Jared Bielski (grade 11) conduct the last song. 

The next concert will be a collaboration with the middle school students in January.