Good Faith- An Album Review


The wait is finally over. French Electric house composer Madeon has just released his 2nd album. His first album, ‘Adventure’ managed to reach number 1 in the electric dance genre upon its release. Madeon then went on to produce the song “Shelter” with Porter Rodinson. The album titled ‘Good Faith’ was teased on a concert tour in which at each stop he released a new song, and after his concert in San Francisco, Madeon released the full album.

The album consists of 10 songs and runs a little of 35 minutes long. With this album, Madeon strays from the traditional form of EDM and goes for his own style, the results are truly spectacular. 

The best song on the album by far is his song “Heavy With Hoping”. Madeon’s tried and true style of sad song with a happy beat shines through here, but what makes this song so unique, is his use of beats and mixing of sounds.

His song “All My Freinds” when it was released as a single, reached number 16 on the Billboard 100 for Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, on its own. This was one of the anchor songs on the album, helping the album as a whole become a hit.

Each video that was released with the songs is works of art within themselves. The use of vivid neon colors in each video paired with the beats of each song fits not only traditional EDM but also have their own unique style, like the rest of the album.