The Holidays Are Better When Wearing A Sweater


As the holiday season ramps up, people begin to pull their festive gear out of their closest to get into the spirit. Among the reindeer socks and bell-shaped earrings comes a rather strange article of clothing. The Ugly Holiday Sweater is pulled from the backs of closets and bottoms of drawers and they fly off the shelves at stores.

Whether they are covered in sparkles and sequins, light up or play music, have terrible puns or pop culture references, all holiday sweaters have one thing in common, they are hideous. 

Throughout the majority of the year, the students at Livermore High school go out of their way to wear trendy clothes. Whether they are following the VSCO girl trend of wearing oversized tees or are copying the style of their favorite Instagram models, most students try to blend in.

Around December, this desire to fit in is thrown out the window and suddenly people ransack Walmart and Target, on the hunt for the ugliest sweater.

This tradition is completely unnecessary but without it, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same. There is a cultural aspect to the sweater and getting rid of the tradition of wearing the most obnoxious colors would completely alter the holiday season. 

The Ugly Sweater tradition is one that has been going on for generations. It is hard to pinpoint where the sweater originated from but they are thought to have started up in the 80s. As one can see, this tradition seems to be sticking around once again this year. This is a good thing.

The sweaters serve many purposes. They are incredibly practical. Not only are they festive, but they are also cozy. They are the perfect mix of festive fashion and function, allowing for optimal cheer spreading. One can go caroling and not freeze themselves or they can attend a family function without feeling similar to Scrooge. This allows for a prime holiday celebration.

With pop culture references, people can express their interests and find others who share the same interest. Thus allows for people to successfully find those who happen to share their affinity for the Simpsons or Stranger Things. 

Holiday sweaters are universal for all cultures. There are many sweaters that have elements from holiday movies and have comedic wording regarding the holidays themselves on them. Holiday sweaters at meant for everyone. 

The holiday sweater has a way of uniting people and forcing them to see the silly side of life, which is especially important in a busy time of the year. The Ugly Holiday Sweater allows people to take a step back and laugh off the holiday stress.