Livermore High School Powder Puffs



 Each year, the Powder Puff flag football season at Livermore High School attracts girls from all grade levels. The girls form teams based on grade level and prepare to play against each other with help from student coaches. The season only lasts for a short period of time, with this year’s season lasting a week. This year there were two games, both on Nov. 21. The first was between the sophomores and seniors, and the second was between the sophomores and juniors. 

 The first game between the sophomores and seniors came to an end with the score 8-12 in favor of the sophomores. Sandra Diaz (grade 10) stated, “We played well because we had coaches to help plan the plays and pick the positions.” Student coach Julian Quigley (grade 10) said, “The team played pretty well; we won the first game but lost the second.”

 The second game between the sophomores and juniors came to an end with the score 0-6, this time in favor of the juniors. Jenna Batteate (grade 10) stated that the second game was a close call and they just barely lost. Diaz agreed with her and stated, “The games went very well for us although our last game there was a controversial touchdown that we believe we should have gotten, which cost us the game.”

 Powder Puff is a great way to get more involved with the people in your grade according to Diaz. “I joined Powder Puffs because I enjoy playing sports, even if it’s for fun, and I enjoyed beating the seniors and all the fun times I had with the players and coaches who were involved,” she stated. 

 Batteate agreed with Diaz, saying,”It was fun getting to tackle some upperclassmen and winning.”  

 Quigley stated, “I enjoyed the excitement around the games, and I joined Powder Puffs because it looked like fun to coach.”