Black Friday = Broke Saturday

Black Friday has been around for many years, destroying families’ Thanksgiving traditions and hurting people around the nation. This infamous tradition of shopping and getting the best deals instead of spending time with your family and friends needs to be abolished. This shopping havoc can be a good way to save money on Christmas gifts, but at what real cost?

Shopping on Thanksgiving instead of being with loved ones should be a tradition that is frowned upon. Thanksgiving is the one day a year that people gather together to share what they’re grateful for.

Black Friday is a day for saving money as well as buying crazy things that you don’t need, only because it’s on sale. The deals may be decent, but are they worth losing time to spend with family?

In the long run, people really don’t save that much money. While they’re shopping they see something that is cheaper than usual and buys it only because it’s on sale. Instead of saving money, shoppers lose money.

Over time, the Black Friday craziness has killed twelve people and has had over one hundred seventeen injuries. This dangerous holiday continues to injure innocent civilians who are only trying to save a couple of dollars on gifts.

In the end, this shop till you drop tradition is unsafe and unethical. Shoppers fighting to the death over a cheaper waffle iron isn’t worth losing time with your family and friends.